Winter cold has really put himself and made everything work out in the Heinkel hall to an unpleasant experience. We have therefore chosen to continue to work inside the workshop, where the temperature is a little more to live with. Efforts to restore the starboard elevator is well underway, and work is now rebuilding this

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. We also finally got to do a proper documentation of all parts that were fitted starboard engine buck, before these so after the tour has been dismantled. Trottlekassen with motor controllers are found out from the warehouse, and we have now begun work to clean and preserve this. It's an almost unbelievable experience to know that all the levers, and associated pushrods mxm

concrete. In the time you have created a Register Form – the organizational structure of staff to guarantee a goodunderstand. true story.

. even possible to operate. A very thorough cleaning of the lacquer and preserving of moving parts mxm

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. will be required, but the whole thing is probably ready for exhibition season starts.


All levers can be even operate

All levers can be even operate

It's a big job to do to clean surfaces mxm.

It's a big job to do to clean surfaces mxm.

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