Conservation of kroppsrør and stumped

Late autumn 2013 becomes the tail section lifted out of the water vessel and taken into the workshop for conservation. Jærmuseet have set conservator Eirik Aarebrot available for this big job. He is accompanied by Roar Henriksen from Venneforeningen. They work in time until after the turn with internal and external cleaning

Proposed by: PROF Emmanuele A. JANNINI amoxicillin dosage coronary artery disease diagnosis (29)..

. When the parts are inserted with Lanolin, and since inserted as part of the exhibit.

Hale section now stands in the exhibition
Hale section now stands in the exhibition

Eirik Aarebrot made after the work its own report which you can read by following this link: Report on the preservation of the tail section He 115

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