We have now begun the work to prepare the ground sheet that the navigator had to lie on the promotion of the nose

. The plan is to temporarily back mount this airplane
. Sleeping pad is a two-board where the rear part can be pushed back and forth. The navigator could so adapt substrate so it worked both when he was going to serve the bomb sight, and when he would act as gunner with the forrerste MG 15. When the aircraft was raised in 2012 was all padding away from the substrate, and only a frame and veneers were igjen.Heldigvis these parts are still in a very good condition
. The original veneer has been stored for more than 1 years lying submerged in Poly Ethylene Glycol, and we are now embarking on nailing it firmly to the substrate again. The ball bearings which are mounted along the side of the groundsheet, we cleaned in a bath containing kaldavfetting and which was placed into a Biltema sonicator

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. Inventories now works satisfactorily again and is now mounted back on the groundsheet.

Here you can see sleepingmat seen from the outside of the nose and aft.

Image of efforts to pin down again veneer on the forward section of the groundsheet, Notice the bearings along the outside of the frame. These are the original bearings which are still functioning satisfactorily.

A picture taken before nose and cockpit was lifted out of the water tub. Here you can see the ground so that it looked like when the plane was raised.

Sleepingmat seen from the rear and forward. Here's veneer over the rear part been dismantled and put into PEG.

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