In this post, we will show some pictures of the parts that are now in place in the cockpit.

Behind everything that is now mounted in the cockpit is a lot of work that the pictures can not make visible. This applies to both work with electrical components, work with instruments, as well as work with photos and documentation.

In addition to the work on the cockpit and the Pulpit, we have also begun to prepare what we will have to do with the center section in the years to come..

It is a guiding principle that we should as far as possible utilize all the original parts that we found in the plane when it was raised in 2012. At the same time, we try as far as possible to make things work again.

We all wish you a good summer…

Harald Egge in the process of installing brackets and valves for operation of cooling flaps outside in motor cowling.
A look ahead in the cockpit
Sigfried Hernes in the process of setting a bracket for dimmer switches.
Mute the switches in place right next to the trottle box.
The trottle box is also finished and ready for installation in the cockpit.
Details on trottle box.
Details on trottle box.
Torkild Thang Jørgensen has made a new one for the buck that was dismantled 1942.
Internal and external engine buck.
Egil Thomsen has worked patiently with countless small and large electrical components.
Here it is just a matter of pressing, much works as when the plane crashed.
One of the electrical components found in the Kanzel.
This switch has Egil made to work and is original, only the cover and nameplate are made new.
Hydraulic valve for flaps operation.
Handle for emergency release.
Original siderors pedal
Suspension for rudder pedal.
Pulley for wire transfer from the rudder pedal.
Same pulley for wire transfer from side rudder pedal.
Tools for punching out new housings for castors.
Cable gate with fuses and junction boxes.
Primer pump for starting motors. The levers are for opening and closing hot air valves.
Bomb hatches under the cockpit with associated cylinders are back in place.
Hydraulic hand pump for inflating flaps in and out.
Sigfried Hernes has managed to get Revi charged back to functional condition.
The cockpit is now temporarily set out in the exhibition and work is therefore now being done on the Kanzel
Harald Egge and Roar Henriksen working with Kanzel.
Georg Krautz Johanessen has restored parts for the suspension for the pilot's seat.
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