Since this summer, we have continued to work on preparing the Kanzel to be able to mount it again together with the cockpit section..

During this work, it has been necessary to open up a few records / rib joints. This is to clean these for ongoing corrosion. To secure the pipe structures against further internal corrosion, Owatrol has been injected here.

Much work has also been done to preserve and rebuild original instruments and other components such as switches and electrical components.. Many of these components are now back assembled in Kanzel.

During the time on the fjord bottom, the cable street for the pipe network was completely corroded away and a new similar cable street has therefore been made..

New three cassettes for storing light cartridges have also been made. Furthermore, a lot of work has been done to clean and rebuild MG 15 spectacle magazines.

We will soon be there where further work with the Kanzel will depend on this being installed together with the cockpit section. This is because there are several large systems that run through from the Kanzel and backwards through the cockpit.

In parallel with the work with Kanzel, work has been done to prepare the center section for NDT investigations of the supporting beams.. To provide access to be able to measure rear girders, the rear edge of the center section has been loosened from the main structure.

IKM Inspection AS gave us 11. October free of charge an ultrasound examination of the beams. Incredibly, these measurements showed insignificant variations in material thicknesses. This gives us good hope to be able to avoid making very large interventions in the center section. We are now working to prepare for during 2022 to lift the center section out of the concrete hall and into the workshop.

IKM Inspection AS in work with NDT examination of parts of the supporting beams.
IKM Inspection AS sponsored 11. October project with a free ultrasound examination of parts of the supporting beams
Navigatørens clicked
The navigator's folding seat seen from the cockpit end
Navigator's retractable scroll bar, even the original ball bearings work after 70 years on the fiord.
Before we could start reassembling equipment, a new cable car had to be built on the port side.
We have renovated some of the MG 15 the spectacle magazines as in June 2012 was found in the plane.
Here you can see above the compass parts of the cable car that had to be built completely new.
The wooden cassette containing light cartridges must be able to be pushed down and out through the hull side in an emergency.
At the rear edge of the instrument panel you can see the front part of the newly laid cable gate.
The original cartridge cartridge has been rebuilt. The wooden sets had to be made new. The light cartridges are found in the aircraft.
Sigfried Hernes has preserved both the original compass and the instruments in the panel on the port side.
The bomb inspector's switch for controlling rudder functions, also this one was in the plane when it was lifted in 2012
Parts of the clock that were found in the Kanzel and which are now being rebuilt
The clock in place in the front instrument panel
Selection switch forward at bomb sight, Egil Thomsen works patiently to renovate electronic devices
Light bulb that still works after 70 years on the fiord, NRK has made an article about this special light bulb
Hydraulic valve for opening and closing bomb shutters
Hydraulic valve for bomb hatches, Georg Krautz Johannesen managed to save the original hydraulic valves
Lamp above the navigator's seat
Switches at the front of the wheelhouse, the middle was the main switch for detonating bombs
Shelf for life jacket
Two talented girls from the aircraft mechanic line helped us prepare the center section for NDT examination
This autumn, Harald Egge has worked steadily to prepare the Chancellery


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