It is time again for summer and holidays. There will still be some work on the cockpit section in the coming months. When the plane was raised, the pilot's seat was completely corroded. Fortunately, everything was suspended, brackets, armrests, much of the hydraulic system, as well as the reinforced plate still intact. This summer's project will be to make a new tubular frame for the seat.

This spring we spent time reassembling equipment that had previously been removed from the cockpit and nose sections. Much of this is smaller details such as contacts and switches that do not show up very well in the big picture. By late autumn, we expect to have finished this reassembly. We will then permanently reassemble the cockpit and nose sections. There will then still remain some large and continuous systems that must be fitted into these sections.

We have been on a trip to Hungary to visit two businesses there that may be relevant to help us with work on the center section.

We have been out on the fjord several times this winter and this spring to look for the parts that were left on the bottom of the fjord when the plane was raised. The search shows us that the parts are still down there. The challenge is to get divers with the right qualifications to retrieve the parts for us.

A finer copy of the seat that we will rebuild in aluminium. In the picture, the hood plate is not fitted.

We have been out several times looking for remaining parts on the bottom of the fjord.

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