Heinkel 115 the project has reached a new small milestone in that the center section has now been put in place in the "iron bed" that we have built. The purpose of the facility is for the center section to lie in it while work is being done on the wing and the float attachments.

“The iron bed” is built so that we can individually adjust 12 pressure points up against the wing spars
Bjørn Magnussen and Harald Øverland in the process of placing “the bed” under the center section.
Kjell Sivertsen here at work fine-tuning angles in connection with the construction of “the iron bed”
Kjell Sivertsen checks the angle before further welding. It was important that all angles were correct when the top of the wing spars, against which the section shall rest, just is 40 mm wide.

We are now in the process of building and installing jigs that will help us fix them 8 wing the fasteners when these are to be re-mounted on the center section.

Trial assembly of parts for jigs for wing mounts
There is still a lot of work to be done on the jigs before we can start work on the wing mounts.

Welding of parts for the jigs.
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