From Kjetil Aakra and Erik Pilawskii we have received copies of their scale and color drawings for Heinkel He 115

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. Behind these drawings is a very extensive efforts to collect knowledge about planes exact dimensions and color scheme. It can even be changed in drawing drawings.

As shown in an earlier post, they have, in conjunction with Ernst Knutsen, done a thorough job of analyzing the museum Heinkel paint and color scheme.

First, you can here see a drawing of our machine as it has set out in the days immediately preceding the wrecked in Harfsfjord:

8L + FH

On the next drawing you can see how our machine have looked like when it was in use in Travemunde as test machine for torpedo and floater attempt. BH + AM was the aircraft Stkz.


At the tail section which is now on display at the museum, we can now see that the plane also had the letter white B, until the very end did the letter white F

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. has 2398 in that time it was stationed in Billefjord had code BH?

8L + BH

museets Heinkel, nr plants

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. 2398 have at some point been switched right wing. The wing it did previously belonged to another He 115, nr plants. 2099. Out of the paint of this wing, we can now see that werke No.. 2099 had Stkz. S6 + D90

S6 + D90

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