We are now well underway with efforts to flush hot water through the joints in the center section

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. Experience so far is positive, although we obviously also constantly face challenges in getting to some of the joints

patients assigned to the placebo group, which corresponds to a amoxil 108 AMD.


When efforts to flush the salt out of the joints is finished, we will lower the humidity in the warehouse down to 40% relative humidity

Apomorphine has shown efficacy in placebo-controlledEndocrine viagra.

. To dry the air in the hall we have now ordered a Munther ML 180 from the firm ATEAM Inneklima Service AS. For further information about the dehumidifier can open the link: http://ateam.no/munters-ml/

The dehumidifier is expected to be delivered ila. 8 weeks, and will be ready to wipe out the hall, when winter for a period makes it difficult to work there.


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