There is currently a high activity in the Heinkel He 115 project and work simultaneously with several things.

We want to investigate whether an electrolytic treatment of the center section can be an alternative to a further dismantling of this. The method that we initially want more knowledge about, has been developed as an alternative to having to disassemble crashed plane, survivors up from saline

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. It is among others

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. used in Australia for the preservation of one Oskar is chasing. We have begun the process this paper by sending out requests both to people who have been involved in the development of the method, and to personnel who have been involved in projects where this method has been used.

At the workshop, it has been working very actively. It is among others. made an impressive effort to assemble back much of the original pipe arrangement for transporting hot air forward in the cockpit and nose section. The original touching is all walled, and is clearly marked by lying 70 years at the bottom of a fjord

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. It is therefore gratifying that craftsmanship has made it possible to re-use much of this impressive tube arrangement.

An impressive work is done in order to preserve and reuse the original piping
German high levels of craftsmanship

It has also been worked on with the instruments that were found in the aircraft. Radio direction-finding antenna is opened and cleaned, while powertrain / foundation upon which this has been left back can be rotated without it being necessary to replace bearings.

Antenna for radio bearing
Socket bearing antenna, here still works the original German ball bearings

More control levers from the cockpit and nose have been cleaned and put into working order again. It has also been working a lot with 2 PCS. steel cylinders, for 58 kg air pressure. Said, along with associated control system pnaumatisk, have been cleaned and placed in storage in anticipation of getting back mounting plane. Work is currently also working to clean electrical fuses and junction boxes.

Lever associated system for reinforcing torpedo

Now that much of the work on pipe system for hot air begins to become clear, is the next big challenge is to create new cable guides. These are boxes that were used to protect aircraft countless wires. Sadly most of these away when the plane was salvaged. Fortunately, we left some debris that may help us to dimension them. Many of these were complex formed and it will be challenging to get to make copies of these.

One of the more complicated cable boxes that we must create a new copy of, The photo was taken in April 2014
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