BMW 132 K engine

When the plane crashed was the one engine salvaged before the plane sank

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. The second engine we raised together with the rest of the plane 2012.

The engine the day after the plane had been raised

Torkel Tan Jorgensen began immediately to work to dismantle the engine to clean this for salt and corrosion products

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. This work continued throughout the fall and winter. The stay fjord has left its mark on the engine block and gearbox, but fortunately, many of the remaining parts in a good condition.


Propeller system is "very" good condition, and it is necessary to dismantle the hub and if possible to get the pitch control to work again.

We lack the special crank- and the gear housing where this model was equipped with. Further work with the engine is therefore dependent on a decision on how to tackle the problem of disparities between the parts we have at our disposal, and the objective of the original.


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