It has been done a lot of work on the nose and cockpit sections since our last status update. Much of this work is cleaning and preserving parts like we do previously taken out from the nose and cockpit. This is work that requires a lot of work both patience and courage. It is therefore gratifying to see how good results achieved. An example is:. the fuse line that was mounted during the pilot's port foot rests.  These were basically full of rust and sediment residues, but a patient effort has led to several of these now in functional condition. The fuses are along with several larger terminal blocks now mounted back in port cable gates.

Another great work that has now been done is to create new all the big and complex the cableway that runs along the port side of the cockpit. Of the original cableway we had only a very small bit left. Therefore, it became a major challenge both to find out what the cable street looked like, and then to make a credible one copy of this. Both have succeeded very well thanks to a solid piece of professional work.  Since we want to preserve so much of the originality as possible, is the bit we had left of the original cable street, been integrated into the newly created street.

There are also more places to come of the parts removed from the cockpit and nose 2014. Of these,. mentioned footrests, first fuck, a hydraulic cylinder and the navigator's folding seat. The retrofitting of the hot air system is also complete. That is as far as may have been used original pipes found when the cockpit and nose were emptied 2014.

It's working also by reconstructing what we lack of parts for suspension of siders pedals, and to create a new cockpit dashboard. To this last, we are so lucky to have finished preserving the original instruments.

Finally, have to It is mentioned that work is also being done on the last of the motorbikes. Here everything must go brackets are cleaned and reassembled as they were before dismantling winter 2015.

Unfortunately, the work on the aircraft is still hampered by an ongoing process of responsibility and ownership.

Before cleaning, the fuses that have been in the cable gates under the port saw foot rests like this.
The fuses are ready for mounting into the cable gates, several of them have now become functional again
Egil Thomsen patiently works with the fuse series on the above pictures
Georg Krautz Johnsen has done an impressive job of rescuing hydraulic cylinders
Parts of the large cable street on port side
Harald Egge has created this cable street only from the point of view in pictures and the first plate remnant which is now an integral part of the new cable street. The fuses from the above pictures can be viewed together with the original marking plate.
The foot rests on both sides are back in place
Hydraulic cylinder for flaps sample-mounted in connection with the work of aiming for a new instrument panel. Unfortunately, the original panel was completely gone when the aircraft was lifted.
Harald Egge is in the process of making new suspension for the side rudder pedals. We are here again in the situation that we have to make new parts that integrate with the original equipment.


Winter cold has really put himself and made everything work out in the Heinkel hall to an unpleasant experience. We have therefore chosen to continue to work inside the workshop, where the temperature is a little more to live with. Efforts to restore the starboard elevator is well underway, and work is now rebuilding this

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. We also finally got to do a proper documentation of all parts that were fitted starboard engine buck, before these so after the tour has been dismantled. Trottlekassen with motor controllers are found out from the warehouse, and we have now begun work to clean and preserve this. It's an almost unbelievable experience to know that all the levers, and associated pushrods mxm

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. even possible to operate. A very thorough cleaning of the lacquer and preserving of moving parts mxm

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. will be required, but the whole thing is probably ready for exhibition season starts.


All levers can be even operate

All levers can be even operate

It's a big job to do to clean surfaces mxm.

It's a big job to do to clean surfaces mxm.


We have now passed the milestone it is to have been hoisted the outer wing panels into upright position. It is a comprehensive work that lies behind the wing panels now are safe, and that we now have access to both over and under the sides of these. Besides the work of creating the necessary supports to have wings standing in, was the first day of lifting both unnecessarily heavy and a little more exciting than necessary

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. Here it must be seized, and business Otic AS, Tananger, were asked for help, and they asked more than benevolent up and lent us the necessary lifting equipment, adapted to the work we should do.

Again, the local business set up and helped us.
Again, the local business set up and helped us.

There is a famous phrase that the right tool is half the job, but seldom have we experienced how true this statement is actually. Chain hoists and straps we got the loan did the rest of the lifting operations a pleasure to be part of.

The starboard wing on track to be raised.

The starboard wing on track to be raised.

We are now in the process of making two racks that we can save the center section hanging in. The center section is larger and heavier than each of the wing panels, and it is therefore greater demands on racks that we will build. We will again use threads for wing nuts to fix the center section toward the racks. The idea is that the racks will fill several functions. Now is the center section horizontal underside up. The need in the near future turned 180 ° so that we also have access to work with the top side. It may also be necessary to save the standing upright. One last feature racks should be used to, is in case of an transport, wherein the center section must be able to hang in the stand at a 45 ° angle.

Concurrent with the work out in concrete hall, efforts are more things inside the workshop. Among other things, working to get open and close mechanisms, for the rungs in the center section ahead list, to function properly again. One motor bracket is dismounted from the center section, and should be part of an exhibition, where one of the aircraft propeller, the rebuilt engine, engine cover and motor buck displayed.


In the past week, we've continued to wash and clean the larger parts of the wings and center section. It has also been dismantled some equipment of the center section that belonged to the starboard engine.

One of the flaps cleaned and ready to be lubricated with Lanolin
One of the flaps cleaned and ready to be lubricated with Lanolin

The major challenge is that time is not on our side, and the urgency to get both wings and center section off the floor, and stored so that we can access from both sides. This will make it easier to gain access to some of the interior rooms

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. The plan is to use the wing nuts to screw sections fixed to steel frames, adapted to this task. It's a little challenging to get to dismantled wing fasteners completely, so we easily can avail these which adheres to the steel frames.

Wing nut plant after hemisphere is dismantled.

Wing nut with parts of the plant after havlkulen disassembled.

It is simultaneously working inside the workshop to assemble the parts of the plane's engine, which can still be used, together with parts from other BMW 132 engines that the museum has had in stock.

Torkel Tan Jørgensen working with BMW 132 K engine
Torkel Tan Jørgensen working with BMW 132 K engine

BMW 132 K engine

When the plane crashed was the one engine salvaged before the plane sank

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. The second engine we raised together with the rest of the plane 2012.

The engine the day after the plane had been raised

Torkel Tan Jorgensen began immediately to work to dismantle the engine to clean this for salt and corrosion products

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. This work continued throughout the fall and winter. The stay fjord has left its mark on the engine block and gearbox, but fortunately, many of the remaining parts in a good condition.


Propeller system is "very" good condition, and it is necessary to dismantle the hub and if possible to get the pitch control to work again.

We lack the special crank- and the gear housing where this model was equipped with. Further work with the engine is therefore dependent on a decision on how to tackle the problem of disparities between the parts we have at our disposal, and the objective of the original.