We had 11 January pleasure of having Christian König visiting. Cristian has previously written three great books on various German planes, including Arado 196. He is also famous as a writer in a number of reputable fly journals. The occasion for that he now wanted to take a closer look at our Heinkel He 115, his plans to write a book about, among others. this aircraft. His knowledge of German planes are very impressive and he has given us new information on both parts as belonging to the plane, as painted markings on aircraft. Surface cockpit is a label with the number 87 and text ROTRING standing right under this. We have previously not known to the meaning of this. Christian has been able to establish for us that's 87 reported that it would be filled aviation gasoline of quality A2 or A4. ROTRING says ROTRING oil made from INTAVA had to be used on engines. He works also work to find information on the pilot's seat has been designed. Pilot's seat is provided with a reinforcing plate which we are uncertain whether stood under and behind the seat, proportions if the disc has been an integral part of this.

Siegfried work steadily ahead with conserving and as far as possible to rebuild the instruments that we in June 2012 found in plane. Some of these are now finished and ready for further use in the new exhibition space our. We learn along the way constantly new things about which instruments hav been in use for aircraft, and not least about how these worked.

When inventory in the nose and cockpit sections were dismantled, we saw that it was missing several støypte constructions. Including suspension of rudder pedals. We are currently working to make copies of these suspensions. These copies will be used as “plugs” in støypeformer for the parts that we lack. This is time-consuming work that we previously did not have personal experience with. Fortunately lacking not all parts of pedal suspensions and some of these we can after some repair use that plug into a støypeform.

Efforts Heinkel He 115 project since January 2018 been ruled by the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We therefore remain temporarily any restrictions on working with plane.

Christian König on his visited with us 11. January

Marking telling the petrol and oil quality to be used on aircraft.

How so fygerens seat out when it was taken off the plane 3. June 2012. Christian König is trying to help us with information about how the seat has set out before the plane crashed in 1942.

Done rebuilt Double drückmesser FL 20512-2

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. The instrument has been cleaned and the brazing between the capillary tube and shows repaired. Beacuse is wiser and dial again. The instrument now appears tilnærmert in the same condition as when the plane crashed.

Vario finished overhauled. The instrument has been thoroughly cleaned and has a new glass, wiser and locking ring for glass.

Recently pbegynt combined evaporator and voltmeter FL 32502-3. There were two of these instruments in the airplane. There the picture we found advancement in Kanzel, while others still stood assembled in telegraphist dashboard.

A poor image of the arrangement which forms the suspension for one rudder pedal. We are currently working to make plugs for use in støypeformer of parts that we are missing from this suspension.

One of DLEN from suspension for siderorspedane who let themselves be frightened and that after some work can be used as plug in a noisy kind of 4 corresponding new brackets.



Heinkel He 115 the project had the Friday 16. February visit by a multinational film crew (Brave Planet Films is an american production ). The gang that came to Sola was composed of personnel from Germany, England and America. They work with a documentation project for Amerca Public Television regarding the German soldiers' use of stimulants ( amphetamine ) under W.W.2. The reason why they wanted to film He 115 is that we in the aircraft life raft inflatable boat, among others. found a Pervitin capsule. Unfortunately the pack in such poor condition that it was lost in the attempt to preserve this. The Allies had used a similar substance; Benzidrine . The project will be completed by 15. June d.å. and is intended for American television viewers.

The entire film session at the museum was a great day together with interesting and very nice people.

Armed Forces Museum is currently in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We have therefore temporarily no restrictions on the work of Heinkel 115 project. We have therefore chosen to spend time working with the exhibit. In this work there is to create a dedicated exhibition for Heinkel 115 parts.

The film team working out in the hangar

Pervitin capsule as it looked when we found it in June 2012

Filming in the workshop

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. James Holland, with his back to, here in the process of interviewing Rasmus Svihus.


We have just had the pleasure of having meet both managers and conservationists from Forsvarsmuseet, Jærmuseet and museum in Bodø. In addition to inspect aircraft, they gave us clear advice on what methods we can choose from ready to take care of the plane, in both the short and the long term. We got them learn that there are two very different methods to choose from

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. One is to disassemble the aircraft completely and physically clean of salts and removing corrosion. The second is to wipe the plane completely out and not provide it any kind of preservative. This latter method involves the aircraft permanently be kept under very stable conditions with a relative humidity down to 15%.

It is gratifying to confirm that we are on the right path when we opted to dry out the hall where wings, center section and most of the parts that we have dismantled from the aircraft is stored. Interestingly, it is of course also to hear that there is a very clear correlation between the advice we were given by Professor Thorfinn Harbor, and the views and experiences communicated from professional expertise in Defense- Bodo museums.

Should one be able to stop corrosion in all the materials that the plane is composed of, we have yet a lot to strive for. We have the good days have seen a humidity down on 30% relative humidity in the hall. Unfortunately, we are also affected by this success. Trek wire which is used in parts of the end walls have dried out and we now have a considerable air leakage through this. We need to prioritize to get rectified before we can implement new measures to further get lowered relative humidity down ideal that is 15%.

We must therefore now a priority to continue to work to lower the humidity outside in the hall, while we still have a lot of work left to do to improve the way we have structured warehouse on. When winter temperatures do dat little deadlines to work further out in the hall, it is still our plan to begin working to rebuild the nose and cockpit sections.

From left Jeremy Hutchings, Target conservator / Head of collection- and Documentation Department, Armed Museums, Målfrid Snørteland, Director Jørmuseet, Målfrid Grimstvedt, chief curator Jærmuseet, Hans Dybvad Olesen, Avdelingsdiretør Jørmuseet and Sondre Hvam conservator Jærmuseet.

From left Anders Utgård, Boss, Air Defense Museum, Hanne Jakhelln, Director, Norwegian Aviation Museum, and Erling Kjærnes, Director, Armed Museums



We have earlier this summer had the pleasure of a visit from Thorfinn Harbor, Prof Dr II. ing. Materials Science / corrosion. The purpose of the visit was to obtain input to a method for safe removal of salt from the aircraft numerous joints. Here we have made a summary of the information we received in this meeting with Thorfinn Harbor

  • Corrosion in a piece of material does not have a knock-on effect against another piece of material that is undamaged and clean.

  • Salt will not create bonds with or penetrate into the material sit in plane.

    Salt will not penetrate into the aluminum. But it will be able to bind to aluminum through corrosion products on the surface.

  • Salt will penetrate the joints when a plane over time is submerged in seawater

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    . Shall be removed salt must be "driven" out. This can be done by mechanical means, Fa.aks. through the application of hot water under pressure inside the joints. Hot water increases the solubility of salt relative to the cold water, and therefore increases the removal of salt.

  • salt solved / thinned easiest by water.

    Stagnant fresh water alone will in a small degree be able to drive salt from joints.

  • Corrosion can be stopped if the salt is isolated from being able to absorb moisture from the environment.

  • One can stop corrosion by reducing the moisture content of the environment of less than 35- 40 % relative humidity.

  • Salt water heated becomes more and more aggressively to aluminum. The oxygen content in the salt water will sink, but the chemical reactions will increase so much that on the whole becomes more aggressive. This is a safe rule for temperatures up to 100 degrees C.

  • Mixing a preservative product, like for example. Lanolin with salt, could reduce the corrosion rate, but not stop corrosion. Such products will not dissolve or carry the salt from a joining. Should preservative products stop corrosion, this must be done in that they serve as a barrier between the salt and humidity in the environment. A product e.g.. Lanolin will prevent the salt from drying out and thereby crystallize.


Ole Bjorn Sælensminde and Geir Tangen took the trip down from Bergen, Saturday 13

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. June, to visit us

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. For those who over time have been interested in the salvage of the Focke-Wulf 190 wrecks in Norway, and then feel particularly Gul 16, this should be household names.

Ole Bjorn and Geir in conversation with members of the Friendship Association 

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Ole Bjorn and Geir in conversation with members of the Friendship Association. Theme is Inflatables and sukne submarines.

It is important that communities around the home and abroad meet and exchange experience and views. All we have done us experiences, and accumulated knowledge, that can and should be shared with other.

When it's all a very pleasant experience, can scarcely be improved. We look forward to the next bunch that like to visit us.