Siegfried Hernes currently working to dismantle and clean those of the aircraft instruments that it has not yet been done something. Although the instruments apparently seems to be in a very poor condition, is Siegfried now still on track to be able to dismantle them and clean them internally

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. Some of them bear a clear mark of 70 year stay at the bottom of the fjord, while others have managed their remarkably well. A common feature appears to be that the glass and dials and bellows is broken, while the rest of the fine mechanics have fared very well. It will require a great effort both in terms of work, ability to fine motor work and knowledge to be able to put the instruments repaired.

Efforts continue to be re-assembled parts are disassembled in from the navigator mattress promote nose. in this work, there has been a special challenge to be able to take care of the original veneer plate belonging to the rear section of this adjustable sleepingmat. The original ball bearings are now back mounted and still works well.

Still working with Heinkel He 115 project hampered by us since January been ruled by the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We therefore still some temporary some restrictions on the work of Heinkel He 115 project.

Siegfried Hernes in working with one of the plane's instruments.

A selection of the instruments that awaits Siegfried's expert hands.


Efforts Heinkel He 115 the project has now started up again after a long summer

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. Still working with Heinkel He 115 project hampered by us since January been ruled by the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We therefore still some temporary some restrictions on the work of Heinkel He 115 project.

We will now proceed to clarify the parts to be used in the new Heinkel 115 exhibit of that work is underway. This exhibition will be in a separate room next to the place in the hangar where both cockpit section, abdomen, and the motor is placed.

It will also throughout the winter to be the work of creating and installing the piping for hot air in the cockpit section.

Jiong in efforts to clarify lavettplate port-MG 17.

Lavett port-MG 17 in the process of being prepared for use in the new He 115 exhibition.


Summer is here, and it felt good at the activity level of the project that there now are other things that will be focused on than working with plane. It is also the season for major events and cockpit and nose section was recently transported to Sola Airport and exhibited in connection with the major air show where

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. We we also make a exhibitions around Heinkel project in connection with the Wings and Wheels event in seaplane harbor.

Although the project He 115 was reasonably full when it was raised in 2012, we lack, of course, a whole range of parts. We hope now that it will be possible to get made an exhaustive survey of the Heinkel He 115 parts located at the bottom of Adhesion. It is therefore now both taken an initiative towards the local environment which is engaged in gluing plane and towards the environment in 2012 raised our fly from Hafrsfjord. Further investigation and a possible raising of the parts of Adhesion depends on a permit to work with plane, and we will continue the dialogue with Forsvarsmuseet about such a permit.

We will take this opportunity to wish everyone a summer.

Heinkel He 115 the stand in connection with Wings & Wheels event 18. June


Roar Henriksen believes that he needs challenges when he is not on Musset and working with Heinkel He 115 project

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. He has therefore included the few parts that we found the pilot's stick in cockpit home in own garage, and started on the extensive work it is to reconstruct the steering column

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. As shown by the attached photos are the work now well underway.

Link to Heinkel original drawing of the steering column ( drawing comes from the Swedish national archive's war archives ); 8-115-401-01-by 1

img_7070 img_7071 img_7072 img_7074 img_7075 img_7077 img_7078 img_7081 img_7083 img_7085 img_7086


So, spring is finally on its way to becoming the fall and we will soon be ready to resume work on Heinkel He 115 project

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. We will continue where we left off to prepare for water washing of joints and other joints in the center section and the outer wing panels.

It has ila. summer been some technical problems with this website, that we, in cooperation with the supplier of the web hotel, now hope to have solved

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. We thank all of those at home and abroad who have sent us requests when the page has not been available.


Construction of roof over the trough

We have a need for a large yard- and warehouse where we can preserve, and later save the major components such as center section and wing

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. Torkel Tan Jorgensen began therefore fall 2013 on the great work of building a roof over concrete tub.

An impressive volunteer work lies behind this succes

Through some of the Friendship Society many connections we got cheap access to much of the materials as needed

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. Torkel put the whole winter outside the hangar and adapted and welded large square tube. spring 2014 he had ready finished trusses to the large roof. 14. May the roof trusses lifted into place.

Torkel, well assisted by Anti, in efforts to secure the trusses 14. May 2014

Torkel continued working on the roof throughout the spring and summer and 2. July it was clear that he and Kjell Dahle could begin the work to lay in place plates and complete roof.


Lifting of the trusses 14. May 2014