We are currently working to dismantle the last small parts of the center section

. This is yet again a number of smaller brackets, hoses and bolts that we want to remove, While it is still possible to get turned them loose
. Because of the difficult access to many of the nuts, this is both a difficult and time consuming work
. For the wings part is it takes out now fully dismantled and finished cataloged

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. As we soon also have finished the dismantling to be from the center section, we will be at a significant milestone; all that should be removed from the plane is then out, and we will also simultaneously be finished with the extensive work that has been and continuously to catalog all that has been disassembled.

We also worked on getting the team to a system that allows that we can now save all the major parts that have been disassembled hanging along the walls, or down from the ceiling. All this to make the hall ready for the job that awaits, when we should wash out the salt from the countless joints in wings and center section.

We now that George has started to work with us, been a very gratifying and well-qualified contribution to the gang working with plane.

We now have stored all major parts hanging up from the floor

We now have stored all major parts hanging up from the floor

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