Efforts Heinkel He 115 has been going on all summer without the usual break that the participants' summer holidays tend to bring. Such has also we have been influenced by Covid 19.

Much work has been done to create a new instrument panel cockpit. We have only a few cm of the original panel2 left off. Even if the panel is new, it will still be filled up by the original instruments who was on the plane the day it crashed.

A lot of impressive work has also been done to recreate parts for suspension of side rudder pedals, both for pilot and for navigator. Some of the parts of this large system were almost completely gone when the plane was lifted . Again has managed in a good way to intrigue some new parts in among the many originals parts.  

A curiosity is that it has managed to get light in again the hand lamp that was placed in a box in the back of the telegraph operator cockpit.

Work is also currently underway to make new the missing parts to one engine stand.  These are parts which we are missing since one engine and both floats were salvaged right after that the plane had crashed.

It is also gratifying that we will soon be able to continue the work to repair the corrosion damage in the supporting beams in the center section. The idea is to do necessary interventions to preserve the residual strength of the load-bearing structure, and in a as far as it is justifiable, to preserve the rest of the center section. The idea behind this approach is to be able to preserve as much of it as possible center section as original.

Over time, we have searched extensively for information on an instrument with a associated system that was located on the starboard side of the Kanzel. We have now received a great and informative answer from Armin Züger in Helsinki. He had read our request in a previous post on this website, se link; http://heinkel115.com/2020-06-11/?lang=en

Attached you can read Armin`s answer.

 There was some open questions about a so-far unknown instrument, related to torpedos.

There is an operation manual: D.(air)T. 7212  "Description, Operation and maintenance of the PVC drop weapon 1006 A“ (which I have attached as a pdf document) that might shed a bit more light in this.

In the picture there some words “Scharf Torpedo Fallschirmlot Blind” on the unknown instrument.

“Scharf” and ”Blind” means basically “disarmed” and “armed” (i.e

Mixed,options applicable to his clinical condition and the related sildenafil dosage.

. defining if the torpedo will explode or not explode finally).

“Fallschirmlot” is another expression for Luftmine (parachute mine, LMA and LMB ), you will find this also in the manual

Now the interesting part:

The document contains also a schematic picture of a He 111 cockpit. There is one lever named BlindScharfhebel. And I guess this is what the unknown mechanism of your He 115 is. It’s a lever to arm/disarm the torpedo (in case of the He 115 maybe combined with some other functionality).

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