It has been since the summer 2020 been working on making a new instrument panel in the cockpit. Of the original panel, we only have a piece a few cm2 in size. This piece has nevertheless given us some information, among other things. what color the panel was when the plane crashed.

Luckily we found when the plane was lifted in 20212 all the original instruments that have been in the panel. It's in previous posts, on this page, accounted for the work of rebuilding these instruments. The condition of these was variable, but mainly there is still a very high degree of originality on the instruments that are now mounted in the pilot's instrument panel. The exceptions are radio bearing compass and fuel gauge that were not found in the aircraft in 2012.

Harald Egge working on the instrument panel
Dashboard seen from the front
Instrument panel seen from the back
Detail from the instrument panel.
Sigfried Hernes has restored the instruments found in the plane in 2012
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