We have now taken the cockpit section out of the exhibition and into the workshop. This is because we will be working inside the cockpit to prepare it to be connected to Kanzel . Before we can screw the sections together, there is still a lot of work remaining to install equipment in the cockpit. These are parts that have previously been taken out to be preserved. When the parts are back in place in the aircraft, we can screw the cockpit and Kanzel together as a unit. With cockpit and Kanzel mounted together as a unit, can we install some systems that are continuous from the front of the Kanzel and all the way to the back of the cockpit. The last part of the work to finish the nose will be to screw all the windows forward in the Kanzel back into place.

Cockpit and Kanzel side by side in the workshop.

There are still some parts that have remained at the bottom of Hafrsfjord after the uplift. The most important parts for us are the glass dome at the front of the nose, as well as sliding the window over the navigator's seat. In January, we were out in the fjord with an ROV to mark the position of where the parts were located. Unfortunately, the visibility at the very bottom was very poor.. The search was then given up pending better visibility on the fjord bottom. The work on marking the parts will be taken up again as soon as the visibility conditions on the fjord bottom again make it possible to work down there with an ROV.

The ROV is ready for launching.
Tor Arthur Andreasen ( t.v ) and Per Øhman prepares for launching the ROV
ROV on its way down towards the fjord bottom.
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