Throughout the autumn and winter, we have spent a lot of time reviewing the center section. This is to get an overview of what corrosion damage is on the section. Much of the section is undamaged, but there is corrosion on and in areas around important load-bearing parts in the section. These are damages that need to be repaired. Typically, it is mostly on the wing- and float attachments with associated structures that require intervention. We have carefully documented the damage in the form of work descriptions and photos.

Repairing the damage will require a significant number of man hours. We are now considering several options for carrying out this work.

An alternative that we are considering, is to outsource the work to an external party. We have therefore resumed our previous contact with the International Aviation Museum Foundation. Their business was established in 1992 and the workshop is located in Hungary. Since we in May 2013 had the previous owner visit, the business is split in two with different owners. The business is, after having been involved in several German and Norwegian restoration projects, well acquainted with work on German WW II aircraft. They have previously done work for us, then at Arado 96 motor cowlinger.

20 On February we again had a visit from the International Aviation Museum Foundation. This time it was Laszlo Juhasz and Ferenc Foldes who visited to take a closer look at the center section. We plan to pay them a return visit soon when we have free time for such a trip.

Laszlo Juhasz ( to the left ) and Ferenc Foldes International Aviation Museum Foundation visiting.
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