Construction of roof over the trough

We have a need for a large yard- and warehouse where we can preserve, and later save the major components such as center section and wing

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. Torkel Tan Jorgensen began therefore fall 2013 on the great work of building a roof over concrete tub.

An impressive volunteer work lies behind this succes

Through some of the Friendship Society many connections we got cheap access to much of the materials as needed
. Torkel put the whole winter outside the hangar and adapted and welded large square tube. spring 2014 he had ready finished trusses to the large roof. 14. May the roof trusses lifted into place.

Torkel, well assisted by Anti, in efforts to secure the trusses 14. May 2014

Torkel continued working on the roof throughout the spring and summer and 2. July it was clear that he and Kjell Dahle could begin the work to lay in place plates and complete roof.


Lifting of the trusses 14. May 2014

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