We have the weeks that have passed since the last update of the website been plagued with illness and minor injuries

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. Something positive things we can still pull forward and tell about.

The laborious task of repairing the damaged elevator has continued in this last period. The dehumidifier out in Heinkel hall has now been in operation for five weeks, and we see that the average relative humidity is now at 45%

Multiple dosing of erythromycin, to steady state (500 mg b.• Surgical Therapy buy viagra online.

. It is still accumulated moisture left in the concrete walls and furnishings. This must be wiped out before we can expect the level drops further down. We also do not yet adjusted dehumidifier in order to get right down to the lowest level. Rather, we have given priority to achieve a circulation of the air volume in the hall.

Magnetic switches and switches for gain control as we posted pictures of the last update is now fully preserved and mounted. We have since last dismantled start switches, and is now working to get cleaned these best interior. These are in a reasonably good condition and the goal is to get all the moving parts in the diss to work again. The plan is that they will now be in a final citric acid solution up in the ultrasonic cleaner. Previously, they have been washed in a kaldavfetting, lying up in the ultrasonic cleaner, and that they have been an electrolysis bath.

We have now found forward skateboard as navigator could lie on when this should either use the bomb sight, or operate MG 15 brand promotion in the nose. Finer levels and associated mechanisms are in a very good condition, but padding is unfortunately completely gone. Plywood board in the rear portion will now be dismantled to be in polyethylene glycol. From before, is the leading plywood board laid down the same liquid. The purpose of this is to prevent the pores of the veneer materials in the longer term should not collapse. The rest of the framework and roller mechanisms need cleaning, and all bearings need some rounds in various ultrasound before these hopefully again is functioning as intended.

Start switch before dismantling and a final round of cleaning. The goal is to get all the moving parts of these to work again.

Start switch before dismantling and a final round of cleaning. The goal is to get all the moving parts of these to work again.

The underside of the navigator skateboard / sleeping pad

The underside of the navigator's skateboard / mats before further dismantling


Navigator skateboard set right unite in from. The picture was taken right after the plane was raised in 2012

Navigator skateboard seen from port rear. The picture was taken right after the plane was raised in 2012.

In the rear of the skateboard can here see the lever that the navigator used when this was going to lock the board in one of the positions. The picture was taken right after the plane was raised in 2012.

Front starboard corner of the navigator's skateboard. The picture was taken right after the plane was raised in 2012.


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