A new month is GATT since the last post on the website and there is little new exciting things that are not showcased before we can now show off new photos of. Nevertheless, we have worked steadily even through this past month, but it takes a long time to clean bearings and other small parts that we now are doing. These are parts that belong to the removable groundsheet as navigator used when this either would lie face over bomb charged or to lie on when front MG 15 would be used. In addition, work is underway to clean switches that the pilot used when the engines should be started. There is also continued its efforts to repair the starboard elevator.

Heinkel He 115 project participated in late March at an international seminar in Sweden where the theme was the salvage of crashed plane from fresh and saltwater.

The pictures Underneath they are of Fernkurskreisel instrument that has been placed down on the dashboard, next to the pilot's left knee. The instrument was for a piece of time since cleaned and preserved by curator Eric Aarebrot

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. Unfortunately, much of the other equipment of the cockpit in a considerably worse condition than this instrument.

Remote directional gyro

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