So it's a new year-end has passed and we who work with Heinkel He 115 project wish all of you who read this record a happy new year.

We have started the new year in the same way as we finished the last, registering and creating archival references for a multitude of the small parts

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. These are parts that have not yet been registered and that we now have had lying around the various boxes

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. The work is painstaking, but also interesting. This is because among these small parts are many special touches and things. These can put both knowledge and imagination to the test when we're deciding what function they had in the plane.

Unfortunately at times really cool to work out concrete hall, and Jærbunad with accessories is an absolute necessity that one over a bit of time to be able to stay in the hall.

At the last meeting of the Steering Committee for the Heinkel He 115 project, it was decided that we who are actively working with plane, in collaboration with personnel from the Armed Forces Museum and California Museum, shall examine the plane and make a plan for what to do with the plane's main parts.

It was also decided that we can begin the work of rebuilding the nose and cockpit section.

For the sake of a better presentation of the Heinkel He 115 project in the museum's exhibition, we are now allocated a separate room to showcase parts of the aircraft and to present the project. We are now working to prepare the room for this exhibition.

We also want to get to a better presentation of Heinkel tail, nose and cockpit sections in the exhibit. To achieve this, it must be made a major rearrangement among the museum's aircraft. The plan is that this swap is to do the museum's German planes, in conjunction with the museum of things from the allied war effort, to be collected at a location in the hangar. The changes will be labor intensive. This will, for a limited period at the expense of work Heinkel He 115.


Among the parts we tub cataloged is telegraphist radio direction-finding compass

Inside the radio compass bearing was on deviasjonsskiven found an inscription showing that the aircraft shortly before the crash landing had another acquaintance code than what it had when it was wrecked.

Roar Henriksen started to record parts

Unfortunately, there is often a cold amusement and winter working out in Heinkel hall


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