We have during the time that has passed since last status update of the homepage, got clogged the parts of the end walls of Heinkel hall which is dressed with timber cladding

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. The use of dehumidifier inside the concrete hall has meant that this cladding has dried out and opened to allow moisture to migrate through all the gaps which are encountered in planking. The consequence of this has been that the weather conditions on the outside of hall in a substantial influence to the humidity inside the hall. We can Now measure that it is both a clearly more stable and significantly lower relative humidity inside the warehouse.

It is now summer and vacation time and this will affect the activity around the Heinkel He 115 project a while forwards.

It has also been worked on both with the plane's instruments and to make copies of brackets and mounts for rudder pedals. These latter should be used as plugs in støypeformer.

The main priority for the Heinkel He 115 the project is to preserve the aircraft so intact and untouched as possible. Yet there is a fact that the aircraft has remained at the bottom of a inlet in 70 year. Salt therefore drawn between aircraft many joints

the ultimate purpose of all our efforts: to diagnose and treat. true story As previously mentioned, the one that until recently.

. Our challenge is therefore still finding a method that best safeguards the desire to make small engagement in the plane while ensuring that aircraft do not over time destroy. We looking therefore still active over a wide registry to find this. In one end of this registry finds a possibility of conducting a electrochemical desalination, while at the other end finds a possibility of completely or partially to dismantle the aircraft parts

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. The aircraft's center section is a complex construction with many very tight joint. It would therefore be difficult to remove salt from these joints. As part of the studies round choice of method we have recently spent some time on mapping how the center section is actually built. This is to provide an overview of how a whole or piecemeal removal thereof can carried.   

Efforts Heinkel He 115 project since January 2018 been hampered of the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. It now appears that this process has come so far that they imposed restrictions on work on aircraft soon can be raised.

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