We have in the weeks that have passed since the last post was published still working to repair the starboard elevator, and to clarify the pilot trottleboks Exhibition
. This last is now largely completed and works mechanically almost like new, but we lack even a solution to mount back among others. magnetic switches and adjustment knobs for pitch control of the propeller. On these stay in the fjord led to attach the brackets are eroded

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. Since we've managed to get well these work mechanically again, we hope to find a good solution on how to get screwed those stuck in the box again.

It is and has been the effort to move all stored parts of the Heinkel Hallen

. This is because we have managed to lower the relative air humidity in the hall to the courage and at times well below 40%
. Therefore want to save all the parts that are not cleaned and preserved in this dry environment.

There has also been a meeting of the Steering Committee for Heinkel project. Here were the lines for further work on the project was discussed and calls in this fora reflects a good consensus about how we work,

Flight's trottleboks

This ball bearing looked like a lump of solid mass before we put it in an electrolytic bath.

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