Summer is here, and it felt good at the activity level of the project that there now are other things that will be focused on than working with plane. It is also the season for major events and cockpit and nose section was recently transported to Sola Airport and exhibited in connection with the major air show where
. We we also make a exhibitions around Heinkel project in connection with the Wings and Wheels event in seaplane harbor.

Although the project He 115 was reasonably full when it was raised in 2012, we lack, of course, a whole range of parts. We hope now that it will be possible to get made an exhaustive survey of the Heinkel He 115 parts located at the bottom of Adhesion. It is therefore now both taken an initiative towards the local environment which is engaged in gluing plane and towards the environment in 2012 raised our fly from Hafrsfjord

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. Further investigation and a possible raising of the parts of Adhesion depends on a permit to work with plane, and we will continue the dialogue with Forsvarsmuseet about such a permit.

We will take this opportunity to wish everyone a summer.

Heinkel He 115 the stand in connection with Wings & Wheels event 18. June

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