It has again gone a little while where it has worked very well with Heinkel 115 project. The focus during this period has been on working with a new instrument panel, completion of work on building a new hydraulic hand pump, the continuous ongoing work to preserve electrical parts, as well as further work with documentation, photos and sharing archive. Work on a new engine buck has been completed ended in anticipation of us being able to solve the problem of missing it one of the aircraft's engines. Work continues on preparing to be able to start up the work that will have to be done with the center section.

We also have started up again looking for parts lists / catalogs / Spare part list / service-parts-list for flyet. Both Norway and Sweden operated these aircraft, and we have not yet given up the hope of tracking these down in one of these two countries. It's through Christian König also made attempts to trace these catalogs through his wide network of contacts in and outside Germany. Among other things, there will be an article in FlyPlast and hopefully also I FlugzeugClassic m.m..  

Harald Egge standing next to the hydraulic pump he has built
The pump is rebuilt around what was left of the original parts.
The pump is test-mounted in place by the frame 4.
Sigfried Hernes measures the space for a new bracket that will contain the dimming switches
New bracket with original mounting ears and original dimming switches
Hydraulic flap control valve.
Handle for emergency release
Egil Thomsen makes a tireless effort to preserve electrical components.
Harald Egge and Georg Krauts Johannesen have saved and got light in the instrument list again.
Torkild Tang Jørgensen has rebuilt the engine stand that was dismantled in 1942.
New engine stand to replace the one that was dismantled in 1942

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