Today we have made some changes to the content on the home page, in that we

. added a link to the latest version of the presentation brochure for Heinkel He 115 project

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. At the same time, we've added a link to a detailed report on its efforts to raise Heinkel.

Link to the presentation brochure;

Link to the supplementary report on the raising of the Heinkel He 115;


We have today, Under the tab History and elevation, added two links to Roar Henriksen descriptions for removing Heinkel He 115

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. You will find these down on this page under the chapter Dismantling.

Here is a link to the first of the two documents annexed

Here is a link to the other of the two newly attached documents


We have today, Under the tab History and elevation, posted a new material about the history of planning and dismantling of the aircraft for storage of fresh water tank

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. It will in the coming days will be added more photos from this work.

It will soon also be posted new updates on the work of the water basin.


We have today, Under the tab History and salvage, added new material about the promise of the plane, out of the bay and onto land

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. You can find the new material in the bottom of said side, just below the nearly new link to a detailed report on the divers elevation of the plane.

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Today we have added a link to a comprehensive memorandum on the divers' efforts to raise Heinkel

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. Here you can in detail describes how this extensive and impressive operation was conducted. The link can be found under the tab History and salvage
. You can also access this report using the link below the picture.


Link to report on the raising of plane;

You will get the report out as a word format document that will probably add as an icon below the screen.


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Today we have added to the history of the construction of the concrete pool under the tab; History and elevation.


There is a backlog of records relating to the weekly work of nose and cockpit section

. last update / progress report is dated 7
. jul 2014. The progress will be updated until the present, week by week, when we are ready with this information.

We are constantly, one to several days a week with nose and cockpit sections

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. We now have emptied them both, and separated them from one another. It is now clear to attempt to clean these internally using ice blasting. The goal is to find an effective way to clean painted surfaces, without damaging the paint or other labeling. It is therefore engaged a firm that has expertise and experience with blowing surfaces clean using among others
. is.

We will try to find an easy way to clean painted surfaces without damaging the paint.


Updating the website

We have today, Under the tab History and salvage, Added a description of the divers' work, spring 2012, to raise 8L + FH

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. It will shortly be added a link to a more comprehensive description of the techniques and methods used in connection with the raising.

The plane is raised and the divers can lower your shoulders after performing an impressive work.
The plane is raised and the divers can lower your shoulders after performing an impressive work.