Armed Forces Museums have for some time placed some restrictions on what types of work as we were able to do on the plane. These restrictions have now been lifted, and we can now continue the collaboration with the Jær Museum on the further work on the aircraft.

Pending that the said restrictions should be lifted we have continued to work clean and preserve parts as in 2014- 2015 took off from the aircraft cockpit and nose section. During this past winter season has several of these parts been reassembled in the aircraft. Large parts have also been reconstructed as was completely corroded when the plane was salvaged 2012.

Now is exhibition season again in progress, and the cockpit and nose sections are rolled out from the workshop and into the exhibition hall. Here it must stand the exhibition season is over again. Then it will be re-entered the workshop again.

It's working continue to finish outstanding work on the objects that have become preserved or made new through the winter season. In summary, it is quite clear that there has been a lot of positive things over the last six months plane.

We have been working on the aircraft ever since 2012 began to get acquainted with the aircraft and its equipment. Nevertheless, new questions about equipment are constantly emerging that we do not fully understand what has been used. Since we now work extensively with Kanzel and the cockpit sections, the most equipment that has stood here we are concerned about. By studying images from the days after the uplift, we have become aware of an instrument that has been linked to the insight and triggering of the torpedo. So far we have not been able to finally identify which instrument this has been. Attached are pictures taken by the instrument in June 2012.  


We have just had access to copies of some pilot logbooks. These show the use of the aircraft during the period it was used as a school aircraft in Pütnitz. It had then characterized BH + AM. The logbook that we are showing here is a page from Feldwebel F Keller. He survived the war and continued to fly until 1954.


It has been done a lot of work on the nose and cockpit sections since our last status update. Much of this work is cleaning and preserving parts like we do previously taken out from the nose and cockpit. This is work that requires a lot of work both patience and courage. It is therefore gratifying to see how good results achieved. An example is:. the fuse line that was mounted during the pilot's port foot rests.  These were basically full of rust and sediment residues, but a patient effort has led to several of these now in functional condition. The fuses are along with several larger terminal blocks now mounted back in port cable gates.

Another great work that has now been done is to create new all the big and complex the cableway that runs along the port side of the cockpit. Of the original cableway we had only a very small bit left. Therefore, it became a major challenge both to find out what the cable street looked like, and then to make a credible one copy of this. Both have succeeded very well thanks to a solid piece of professional work.  Since we want to preserve so much of the originality as possible, is the bit we had left of the original cable street, been integrated into the newly created street.

There are also more places to come of the parts removed from the cockpit and nose 2014. Of these,. mentioned footrests, first fuck, a hydraulic cylinder and the navigator's folding seat. The retrofitting of the hot air system is also complete. That is as far as may have been used original pipes found when the cockpit and nose were emptied 2014.

It's working also by reconstructing what we lack of parts for suspension of siders pedals, and to create a new cockpit dashboard. To this last, we are so lucky to have finished preserving the original instruments.

Finally, have to It is mentioned that work is also being done on the last of the motorbikes. Here everything must go brackets are cleaned and reassembled as they were before dismantling winter 2015.

Unfortunately, the work on the aircraft is still hampered by an ongoing process of responsibility and ownership.

Before cleaning, the fuses that have been in the cable gates under the port saw foot rests like this.
The fuses are ready for mounting into the cable gates, several of them have now become functional again
Egil Thomsen patiently works with the fuse series on the above pictures
Georg Krautz Johnsen has done an impressive job of rescuing hydraulic cylinders
Parts of the large cable street on port side
Harald Egge has created this cable street only from the point of view in pictures and the first plate remnant which is now an integral part of the new cable street. The fuses from the above pictures can be viewed together with the original marking plate.
The foot rests on both sides are back in place
Hydraulic cylinder for flaps sample-mounted in connection with the work of aiming for a new instrument panel. Unfortunately, the original panel was completely gone when the aircraft was lifted.
Harald Egge is in the process of making new suspension for the side rudder pedals. We are here again in the situation that we have to make new parts that integrate with the original equipment.


There is currently a high activity in the Heinkel He 115 project and work simultaneously with several things.

We want to investigate whether an electrolytic treatment of the center section can be an alternative to a further dismantling of this. The method that we initially want more knowledge about, has been developed as an alternative to having to disassemble crashed plane, survivors up from saline

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. used in Australia for the preservation of one Oskar is chasing. We have begun the process this paper by sending out requests both to people who have been involved in the development of the method, and to personnel who have been involved in projects where this method has been used.

At the workshop, it has been working very actively. It is among others. made an impressive effort to assemble back much of the original pipe arrangement for transporting hot air forward in the cockpit and nose section. The original touching is all walled, and is clearly marked by lying 70 years at the bottom of a fjord

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. It is therefore gratifying that craftsmanship has made it possible to re-use much of this impressive tube arrangement.

An impressive work is done in order to preserve and reuse the original piping
German high levels of craftsmanship

It has also been worked on with the instruments that were found in the aircraft. Radio direction-finding antenna is opened and cleaned, while powertrain / foundation upon which this has been left back can be rotated without it being necessary to replace bearings.

Antenna for radio bearing
Socket bearing antenna, here still works the original German ball bearings

More control levers from the cockpit and nose have been cleaned and put into working order again. It has also been working a lot with 2 PCS. steel cylinders, for 58 kg air pressure. Said, along with associated control system pnaumatisk, have been cleaned and placed in storage in anticipation of getting back mounting plane. Work is currently also working to clean electrical fuses and junction boxes.

Lever associated system for reinforcing torpedo

Now that much of the work on pipe system for hot air begins to become clear, is the next big challenge is to create new cable guides. These are boxes that were used to protect aircraft countless wires. Sadly most of these away when the plane was salvaged. Fortunately, we left some debris that may help us to dimension them. Many of these were complex formed and it will be challenging to get to make copies of these.

One of the more complicated cable boxes that we must create a new copy of, The photo was taken in April 2014


A new summer is almost past, and it is again time to think about what work needs and should be done on our Heinkel He 115. The situation is now a little different than what the was before we finished the work before the holiday. There is an ongoing extensive and intensive works to finalize museum Bf 109 project. This work will be for a shorter period lay claim to very much of the area in the workshop. Accordingly, it be small area free for other work

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. We must, therefore, in this period limit our work into smaller parts that can be handled by the area we currently have available.

This restriction in the workshop area gives us extra time to think through what alternative methods we have available to preserve the aircraft originality of the longest possible period. It is the second and major players, that work to preserve the originality of sjøvrak of aircraft, done a lot of work to develop methods to stabilize the compositions of these wrecks. A method they have developed is to give the material an electrolytic treatment. We will in the future, and in cooperation with the other parties involved in He 115 project, make a new survey of which of the methods developed that may be relevant for our aircraft. This work will require that we make a wide range of requests among the actors has been involved in the development and use of the different methods.


We have during the time that has passed since last status update of the homepage, got clogged the parts of the end walls of Heinkel hall which is dressed with timber cladding

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. The use of dehumidifier inside the concrete hall has meant that this cladding has dried out and opened to allow moisture to migrate through all the gaps which are encountered in planking. The consequence of this has been that the weather conditions on the outside of hall in a substantial influence to the humidity inside the hall. We can Now measure that it is both a clearly more stable and significantly lower relative humidity inside the warehouse.

It is now summer and vacation time and this will affect the activity around the Heinkel He 115 project a while forwards.

It has also been worked on both with the plane's instruments and to make copies of brackets and mounts for rudder pedals. These latter should be used as plugs in støypeformer.

The main priority for the Heinkel He 115 the project is to preserve the aircraft so intact and untouched as possible. Yet there is a fact that the aircraft has remained at the bottom of a inlet in 70 year. Salt therefore drawn between aircraft many joints

the ultimate purpose of all our efforts: to diagnose and treat. true story As previously mentioned, the one that until recently.

. Our challenge is therefore still finding a method that best safeguards the desire to make small engagement in the plane while ensuring that aircraft do not over time destroy. We looking therefore still active over a wide registry to find this. In one end of this registry finds a possibility of conducting a electrochemical desalination, while at the other end finds a possibility of completely or partially to dismantle the aircraft parts

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. The aircraft's center section is a complex construction with many very tight joint. It would therefore be difficult to remove salt from these joints. As part of the studies round choice of method we have recently spent some time on mapping how the center section is actually built. This is to provide an overview of how a whole or piecemeal removal thereof can carried.   

Efforts Heinkel He 115 project since January 2018 been hampered of the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. It now appears that this process has come so far that they imposed restrictions on work on aircraft soon can be raised.


We had 11 January pleasure of having Christian König visiting. Cristian has previously written three great books on various German planes, including Arado 196. He is also famous as a writer in a number of reputable fly journals. The occasion for that he now wanted to take a closer look at our Heinkel He 115, his plans to write a book about, among others. this aircraft. His knowledge of German planes are very impressive and he has given us new information on both parts as belonging to the plane, as painted markings on aircraft. Surface cockpit is a label with the number 87 and text ROTRING standing right under this. We have previously not known to the meaning of this. Christian has been able to establish for us that's 87 reported that it would be filled aviation gasoline of quality A2 or A4. ROTRING says ROTRING oil made from INTAVA had to be used on engines. He works also work to find information on the pilot's seat has been designed. Pilot's seat is provided with a reinforcing plate which we are uncertain whether stood under and behind the seat, proportions if the disc has been an integral part of this.

Siegfried work steadily ahead with conserving and as far as possible to rebuild the instruments that we in June 2012 found in plane. Some of these are now finished and ready for further use in the new exhibition space our. We learn along the way constantly new things about which instruments hav been in use for aircraft, and not least about how these worked.

When inventory in the nose and cockpit sections were dismantled, we saw that it was missing several støypte constructions. Including suspension of rudder pedals. We are currently working to make copies of these suspensions. These copies will be used as “plugs” in støypeformer for the parts that we lack. This is time-consuming work that we previously did not have personal experience with. Fortunately lacking not all parts of pedal suspensions and some of these we can after some repair use that plug into a støypeform.

Efforts Heinkel He 115 project since January 2018 been ruled by the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We therefore remain temporarily any restrictions on working with plane.

Christian König on his visited with us 11. January

Marking telling the petrol and oil quality to be used on aircraft.

How so fygerens seat out when it was taken off the plane 3. June 2012. Christian König is trying to help us with information about how the seat has set out before the plane crashed in 1942.

Done rebuilt Double drückmesser FL 20512-2

(6, 7, 8,22, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54) amoxil changing life Consensus AMD SID FADOI The Newspaper of AMD 2012;15:93-100.

. The instrument has been cleaned and the brazing between the capillary tube and shows repaired. Beacuse is wiser and dial again. The instrument now appears tilnærmert in the same condition as when the plane crashed.

Vario finished overhauled. The instrument has been thoroughly cleaned and has a new glass, wiser and locking ring for glass.

Recently pbegynt combined evaporator and voltmeter FL 32502-3. There were two of these instruments in the airplane. There the picture we found advancement in Kanzel, while others still stood assembled in telegraphist dashboard.

A poor image of the arrangement which forms the suspension for one rudder pedal. We are currently working to make plugs for use in støypeformer of parts that we are missing from this suspension.

One of DLEN from suspension for siderorspedane who let themselves be frightened and that after some work can be used as plug in a noisy kind of 4 corresponding new brackets.



Siegfried Hernes has continued to work to clean and rebuild the instruments that were found in the aircraft when it was raised in June 2012. Many of these instruments are, Despite more than 69 years at the bottom of the fjord, in an incredibly good condition

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. As expected, the instruments full of various deposits that it is a tedious job to get removed

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. Most injuries are there on dials, glass and lock rings, who was the team of aluminum, who are most damaged by years on the fiord. Also some of the instrument houses are to some extent damaged. Siegfried seems to have magic fingers, and one after another of the instruments are now beginning to be ready to be assembled again.

Navigator lie board is now fully cured and ready to back mounted in the nose section.

Efforts Heinkel He 115 the project has since January been ruled by the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We therefore remain temporarily any restrictions on working with plane.

Speedometer from the pilot's instrument panel before Siegfried has started work on the instrument. IN nr. 22230

A corresponding speed sensor after it has been opened and partially cleaned. This instrument was mounted under telegraphist panel

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. IN nr. 22230

Altimeter with coarse and fine soluble display on the dial. The instrument has likely been in the airplane's instrument panel. IN nr. 22320

Altimeter with coarse and fine soluble display on the dial. The instrument has likely been in the airplane's instrument panel. IN nr. 22320

Altimeter with coarse and fine soluble display on the dial. The instrument has likely been in the airplane's instrument panel. IN nr. 22320

Altimeter with coarse and fine soluble display on the dial. The instrument has likely been in the airplane's instrument panel. IN nr. 22320

A similar fhøydemåler that has been mounted ahead in the navigator dashboard. IN nr. 22320

Altimeter with coarse and fine soluble display on the dial. The instrument has likely been in the airplane's instrument panel. IN nr. 22320

Navigator lie board finished conserved.


Siegfried Hernes currently working to dismantle and clean those of the aircraft instruments that it has not yet been done something. Although the instruments apparently seems to be in a very poor condition, is Siegfried now still on track to be able to dismantle them and clean them internally

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. Some of them bear a clear mark of 70 year stay at the bottom of the fjord, while others have managed their remarkably well. A common feature appears to be that the glass and dials and bellows is broken, while the rest of the fine mechanics have fared very well. It will require a great effort both in terms of work, ability to fine motor work and knowledge to be able to put the instruments repaired.

Efforts continue to be re-assembled parts are disassembled in from the navigator mattress promote nose. in this work, there has been a special challenge to be able to take care of the original veneer plate belonging to the rear section of this adjustable sleepingmat. The original ball bearings are now back mounted and still works well.

Still working with Heinkel He 115 project hampered by us since January been ruled by the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We therefore still some temporary some restrictions on the work of Heinkel He 115 project.

Siegfried Hernes in working with one of the plane's instruments.

A selection of the instruments that awaits Siegfried's expert hands.


We have now begun the work to prepare the ground sheet that the navigator had to lie on the promotion of the nose

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. The plan is to temporarily back mount this airplane

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. Sleeping pad is a two-board where the rear part can be pushed back and forth. The navigator could so adapt substrate so it worked both when he was going to serve the bomb sight, and when he would act as gunner with the forrerste MG 15. When the aircraft was raised in 2012 was all padding away from the substrate, and only a frame and veneers were igjen.Heldigvis these parts are still in a very good condition

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. The original veneer has been stored for more than 1 years lying submerged in Poly Ethylene Glycol, and we are now embarking on nailing it firmly to the substrate again. The ball bearings which are mounted along the side of the groundsheet, we cleaned in a bath containing kaldavfetting and which was placed into a Biltema sonicator. Inventories now works satisfactorily again and is now mounted back on the groundsheet.

Here you can see sleepingmat seen from the outside of the nose and aft.

Image of efforts to pin down again veneer on the forward section of the groundsheet, Notice the bearings along the outside of the frame. These are the original bearings which are still functioning satisfactorily.

A picture taken before nose and cockpit was lifted out of the water tub. Here you can see the ground so that it looked like when the plane was raised.

Sleepingmat seen from the rear and forward. Here's veneer over the rear part been dismantled and put into PEG.