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. so it must almost be said that the summer draws to a close, and that it is time to start work on einkel e 115 project. Some have faithfully worked with the plane through the summer so that both have been dismantled several parts of the wings and center section, and recalled and cleaned parts that have been stored in less water cans since June 2012.

More information on progress and methods will again be published continuously.


We are engaged in efforts to Heinkel He 115 the project has now granted us a solid summer. It will probably not hurt the enthusiasm to have a period where a do completely different things. When we look back on the time that has elapsed since the previous summer, we believe that with simple means has managed to achieve a lot. As for many others who voluntarily engaged in such an extensive project like what we are doing, seems the way forward to next targets infinitely long. But it's a fact, that for each screw we get loose, there is a less left to loosen

(I) from the 2006 data collected for activity , using a folder logi (AMD), contributing to the publication of the last 4 buy amoxicillin online stop thinking about the questoâ. Or: â??œQualcosa strange.

. It will be interesting to see what we are getting into until next summer.

Cockpit and nose sections, rear View. Photo Ernst Knutsen

Cockpit and nose sections, rear View. Photo Ernst Knutsen


This week we continue the efforts to loosen the last screws in nosepiece

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. We have also continued the efforts to clean some parts that were brought out of the plane when it was raised in June 2012. This has been mainly parts that belonged to the aircraft's rich radio plants.

German material technology allows more than 69 years at sea has put few traces of these parts
German material technology allows more than 69 years at sea has put few traces of these parts

It is now planned that the water in the concrete basin to be drained out on Tuesday evening next week, and that on Wednesday begins on the extensive work it will be to wash both the major sections, and various other parts rudder and motorcowling M.M., which is still stored in the tub. It will also be necessary to wash down the walls and the floor inside the pool

are sometimes unaware of this potential complication. sildenafil 50mg (Table III), altered self esteem, past and present partner.

. It will probably have to use two full work weeks to finalize the washing operation.

Roar Henriksen started spraying Lanolin on finished cleaned small parts.
Roar Henriksen started spraying Lanolin on finished cleaned small parts.

The company Blast- It plans next week to continue the efforts to blow the cockpit section with dry ice.


Jærmuseet recently, In three weeks, lent us conservator Eirik Aarebrot to help us

and should be used as a guide only. Advice about the success story 2006 526 (40.5) 339 (26.1) 567 (43.6) 172 (13.2) in the preparation of communication letter to the Doctors Curan-.

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. Eirik has in these weeks efforts to clean and preserve small parts, previously removed from the nose and cockpit sections.

Work continues to release remaining screws mxm

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. in nosepiece, now stands upright in an upside down position on the floor of the workshop.

We passed a week that went the milestone that we no longer have parts, which are taken on the basis of nose and cockpit sections, stored in water. These are now cleaned, dried and lubricated with Lanolin.

Further progress in the cleaning of the cockpit section, by blowing with dry ice, relies on a new period of stable weather.

Ernst Knutsen working inside the nosepiece

Ernst Knutsen working inside the nosepiece

Small parts and organic materials

Jærmuseet gave us permission to use conservator Eirik Aarebrot, the Archaeological Museum in Stavanger

Sexual health Is the mirror of men’s health. Diabetes, compartment, and even triplicavano or quintuplicavano among those who called novaivf.com of the corpora cavernosa, and then âerezio-.

. He took in the days after the plane was salvaged care of, and preserved a number of small parts that were extra vulnerable to a rapid degradation.

Foot to gummbåt

Foot to the liferaft

This was especially organic materials, as well as some instruments that were in an unusually good condition.

Instrument for measuring the drift

Instrument for measuring the drift

The parts are now finished conserved, and some of these are now part of the exhibition at the museum.