We have received the good news that Heinkel He 115 The project by the National Heritage Board has been allocated funds for the work on the aircraft's center section. The allocation is limited to 40000 kroner and will be used for preparations and construction of a gig that we need to be able to work on the center section's supporting beams.

Before we can start the work of building such a gig, we will first map the extent of corrosion damage to the supporting beams.. To make such a survey, we consider using NDT as a method. On that occasion, we are already in contact with IKM Inspection AS who have been on an inspection and looked at the center section. Their preliminary opinion is that the use of ultrasound as a method will give us the best result. They will now make a more comprehensive assessment of how they can best make a survey of corrosion damage in the supporting beams..

IKM on inspection of center section
Stein explains how the girder is built.
Front of center section before we had dismantled all equipment in advance.
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