A new summer is almost past, and it is again time to think about what work needs and should be done on our Heinkel He 115. The situation is now a little different than what the was before we finished the work before the holiday. There is an ongoing extensive and intensive works to finalize museum Bf 109 project. This work will be for a shorter period lay claim to very much of the area in the workshop. Accordingly, it be small area free for other work

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. We must, therefore, in this period limit our work into smaller parts that can be handled by the area we currently have available.

This restriction in the workshop area gives us extra time to think through what alternative methods we have available to preserve the aircraft originality of the longest possible period. It is the second and major players, that work to preserve the originality of sjøvrak of aircraft, done a lot of work to develop methods to stabilize the compositions of these wrecks. A method they have developed is to give the material an electrolytic treatment. We will in the future, and in cooperation with the other parties involved in He 115 project, make a new survey of which of the methods developed that may be relevant for our aircraft. This work will require that we make a wide range of requests among the actors has been involved in the development and use of the different methods.


We had 11 January pleasure of having Christian König visiting. Cristian has previously written three great books on various German planes, including Arado 196. He is also famous as a writer in a number of reputable fly journals. The occasion for that he now wanted to take a closer look at our Heinkel He 115, his plans to write a book about, among others. this aircraft. His knowledge of German planes are very impressive and he has given us new information on both parts as belonging to the plane, as painted markings on aircraft. Surface cockpit is a label with the number 87 and text ROTRING standing right under this. We have previously not known to the meaning of this. Christian has been able to establish for us that's 87 reported that it would be filled aviation gasoline of quality A2 or A4. ROTRING says ROTRING oil made from INTAVA had to be used on engines. He works also work to find information on the pilot's seat has been designed. Pilot's seat is provided with a reinforcing plate which we are uncertain whether stood under and behind the seat, proportions if the disc has been an integral part of this.

Siegfried work steadily ahead with conserving and as far as possible to rebuild the instruments that we in June 2012 found in plane. Some of these are now finished and ready for further use in the new exhibition space our. We learn along the way constantly new things about which instruments hav been in use for aircraft, and not least about how these worked.

When inventory in the nose and cockpit sections were dismantled, we saw that it was missing several støypte constructions. Including suspension of rudder pedals. We are currently working to make copies of these suspensions. These copies will be used as “plugs” in støypeformer for the parts that we lack. This is time-consuming work that we previously did not have personal experience with. Fortunately lacking not all parts of pedal suspensions and some of these we can after some repair use that plug into a støypeform.

Efforts Heinkel He 115 project since January 2018 been ruled by the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We therefore remain temporarily any restrictions on working with plane.

Christian König on his visited with us 11. January

Marking telling the petrol and oil quality to be used on aircraft.

How so fygerens seat out when it was taken off the plane 3. June 2012. Christian König is trying to help us with information about how the seat has set out before the plane crashed in 1942.

Done rebuilt Double drückmesser FL 20512-2

(6, 7, 8,22, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54) amoxil changing life Consensus AMD SID FADOI The Newspaper of AMD 2012;15:93-100.

. The instrument has been cleaned and the brazing between the capillary tube and shows repaired. Beacuse is wiser and dial again. The instrument now appears tilnærmert in the same condition as when the plane crashed.

Vario finished overhauled. The instrument has been thoroughly cleaned and has a new glass, wiser and locking ring for glass.

Recently pbegynt combined evaporator and voltmeter FL 32502-3. There were two of these instruments in the airplane. There the picture we found advancement in Kanzel, while others still stood assembled in telegraphist dashboard.

A poor image of the arrangement which forms the suspension for one rudder pedal. We are currently working to make plugs for use in støypeformer of parts that we are missing from this suspension.

One of DLEN from suspension for siderorspedane who let themselves be frightened and that after some work can be used as plug in a noisy kind of 4 corresponding new brackets.



Efforts Heinkel He 115 the project has since January been ruled by the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We therefore still some temporary some restrictions on the work of Heinkel He 115 project.

In addition, the air temperatures in winter has been unusually low here on the south west coast

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. The cold has made unattractive to continue the work that we were doing out in the Heinkel hall

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. This work consists in cataloging the small parts that are not yet fully registered. This work will be continued when the summer's activities begin to wane.

Heinkel 115 the project is allocated a separate room in the museum's exhibition

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. Here we are working continuously to create an exhibition around the aircraft and selected smaller parts this.


So it's a new year-end has passed and we who work with Heinkel He 115 project wish all of you who read this record a happy new year.

We have started the new year in the same way as we finished the last, registering and creating archival references for a multitude of the small parts

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. These are parts that have not yet been registered and that we now have had lying around the various boxes

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. The work is painstaking, but also interesting. This is because among these small parts are many special touches and things. These can put both knowledge and imagination to the test when we're deciding what function they had in the plane.

Unfortunately at times really cool to work out concrete hall, and Jærbunad with accessories is an absolute necessity that one over a bit of time to be able to stay in the hall.

At the last meeting of the Steering Committee for the Heinkel He 115 project, it was decided that we who are actively working with plane, in collaboration with personnel from the Armed Forces Museum and California Museum, shall examine the plane and make a plan for what to do with the plane's main parts.

It was also decided that we can begin the work of rebuilding the nose and cockpit section.

For the sake of a better presentation of the Heinkel He 115 project in the museum's exhibition, we are now allocated a separate room to showcase parts of the aircraft and to present the project. We are now working to prepare the room for this exhibition.

We also want to get to a better presentation of Heinkel tail, nose and cockpit sections in the exhibit. To achieve this, it must be made a major rearrangement among the museum's aircraft. The plan is that this swap is to do the museum's German planes, in conjunction with the museum of things from the allied war effort, to be collected at a location in the hangar. The changes will be labor intensive. This will, for a limited period at the expense of work Heinkel He 115.


Among the parts we tub cataloged is telegraphist radio direction-finding compass

Inside the radio compass bearing was on deviasjonsskiven found an inscription showing that the aircraft shortly before the crash landing had another acquaintance code than what it had when it was wrecked.

Roar Henriksen started to record parts

Unfortunately, there is often a cold amusement and winter working out in Heinkel hall



We have now started the process of sorting and organizing a number of large and small parts that we have not been placed in the right place in the storage rack out in the Heinkel hall

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. This is a collection of large and small parts that either were expecting to be marked, cataloged and parts that we have moved from other locations and out in the dry hall. We use this opportunity to reorganize the way we now have placed a part of what we have stored in premises. We hope that we will manage to get done done much of this work and at the same time do something after sealing of the end walls before winter temperatures make it too unpleasant to stay outdoors in Heinkel hall

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Parts awaiting sorting and storage


We have in the weeks that have passed since the last post was published still working to repair the starboard elevator, and to clarify the pilot trottleboks Exhibition

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. This last is now largely completed and works mechanically almost like new, but we lack even a solution to mount back among others. magnetic switches and adjustment knobs for pitch control of the propeller. On these stay in the fjord led to attach the brackets are eroded. Since we've managed to get well these work mechanically again, we hope to find a good solution on how to get screwed those stuck in the box again.

It is and has been the effort to move all stored parts of the Heinkel Hallen

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. This is because we have managed to lower the relative air humidity in the hall to the courage and at times well below 40%

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. Therefore want to save all the parts that are not cleaned and preserved in this dry environment.

There has also been a meeting of the Steering Committee for Heinkel project. Here were the lines for further work on the project was discussed and calls in this fora reflects a good consensus about how we work,

Flight's trottleboks

This ball bearing looked like a lump of solid mass before we put it in an electrolytic bath.


The approaching summer sun holiday, and activity in the Heinkel 115 the project will be low until late in the summer. We have during the last few months mainly efforts to prepare for the big job of flushing all joints and joints in the center section and wing tips clean of salt. Work on the preparations have been both time consuming and tedious, but still a very necessary work, which unfortunately shows very little left in the grand scheme. It is therefore not much to talk about or show off photos

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. The only consolation is that we are now ready to start with water flushing, when we again start up work after the summer holidays.

We also worked on with putting in place a solution to dry air out the Heinkel hall. It's the time of writing still not quite clear whether we should invest in using an older unit that we've got, or whether we would rather be buying into a new and modern unit.

Our good friend Georg who have begun to work together with us, and is currently doing a great job of restoring the pilot's seat with seat related suspension.

The work to complete Trottle box, has been abandoned as a result of efforts to prepare for flushing of joints and joints, out in the hall. Some work is still been done on the box during the last weeks. This was when we started on the, full interior of mud from the inlet bottom, and the paint was heavily polluted by the process as follows lying 70 years in seawater. It was during the winter been completely disassembled and mechanically cleaned, before we began work to clean all components. Most of these were then first washed in a hardware store ultrasound sinks with Biltema kaldavfetting as detergent. Subsequently, they added a few hours in a 10 % Oksalsyre solution, before they were then neutralized in a water bath mixed with 2 % Blue Gold alkaline soap. Then it was time to consider what we saw was going to do to protect the original paint against future wear, before we again began to assemble together again all the parts that such a box consists of. The choice was between using Lanolin, paint with a cellulose lacquer or using Dinitrol Corroheat 4010. The choice finally fell on Corroheat 4010 because this provided a surface that does not collect dust, and that is not tacky to take in. It can and, if it becomes necessary, removed again from the surfaces at a later time. Consideration of the surface should not stick was decisive for the choice of treatment. This page Trottle Checkout Initially thought exhibited as a component that visitors can come to touch. Switches for magnets, gain control and starters are not yet ready for surface treatment, and we have not yet determined how to handle. Gas Hendler with lock, and handles for gasoline and triggers for fire fighting are mounted back checkout, and now works almost like when the plane was new.

There is a small milestone when we have started to mount back a few individual components. All components have been removed, has been marked with a unique number. This is then indexed in a registration form, where information about this part, where this was located, which images are taken of the part mxm. has become as listed. The information is then again been recorded digitally. It's a good experience when we reach for the first time be able to fill in the final information about what has been done with a part, before being back mounted, and saw the sign that the job was finished.

We want everyone who reads this record with a rich and long summer.

Trottle box before disassembly and cleaning

Trottle box before disassembly and cleaning

Throttle box after purification and gas, bensing and fire levers turn mounted back.

Throttle box after purification and gas, bensing and fire levers turn mounted back.

Here are a few more details mounted

Here are a few more details mounted

A milestone when we can now begin to supplement registration forms with final data

A milestone when we can now begin to supplement registration forms with final data

Georg has a steady hand to restore mechanically intricate parts, here a mechanism for adjusting the pilot's seat

Georg has a steady hand to restore mechanically intricate parts, here a mechanism for adjusting the pilot's seat


Then there are Easter and some time off from the weekly work of Heinkel He 115. We have since year until Easter chosen to take parts from the plane with into the workshop. This is to be able to work with those in hot environments. But now that Easter will soon be over and spring is on its way, we will continue working out in the Heinkel hall to conserve wings and center section. Most of the parts in these sections are now dismantled and taken out, and the next step of the way will be to wash out the salt from all the joints.

Sola Vision AS is now finished the work to tight Heinkel hall, so that we can now fit air drying unit for lowering the relative humidity inside the hall.

Sola Vision AS in efforts to seal Heinkel hall

Sola Vision AS in efforts to seal Heinkel hall

We have over time been questioning how we in the short and long term should treat dinghy, which was part of the rescue equipment on board the aircraft. This lay while immersed in fresh water, before it was taken out of the water and then stored in a cool dark storeroom. The challenge of figuring out what should be done with the boat is much related to being able to identify which rubber material it is made of, and then to find an appropriate way to preserve this material on. To help us with this, we have now been using stale Eliassen who have a solid expertise in rubber materials. According to Brett, there are about. 70.000 thermoplastic qualities today. About as many existed in the last century

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. Accordingly, Brett solid work to do to be able to identify the correct rubber material. Fortunately, it is in the boat even an intact label where data about the manufacturer and serial number appears.

Stale liassen consider dinghy

Stale liassen consider dinghy

Here you can read rubber boat manufacturer and serial number

Here you can read rubber boat manufacturer and serial number

Turtallshendlene sample mounted after they are fully cleaned and conserved

Turtallshendlene sample mounted after they are fully cleaned and conserved

Compressed air Bottle and ammunition crate that was recently dismantled and taken out of the center section

Compressed air Bottle and ammunition crate that was recently dismantled and taken out of the center section


So it's been 2016, and we are again in the process of working on the Heinkel He 115. The cold has set itself, and the working out in the Heinkel hall has become impossible. Therefore, we have taken with us parts into heat in the workshop. Here in the heat we are until it gets a little warmer again out in the hall. Break in from working out in the hall, where we still are working to dismantle parts and prepare for the big cleaning job, gives us a welcome diversion. It feels good to for a limited time to work with others and liked a little more interesting things.

Roar Henriksen at work inside the workshop to repair the starboard elevator 

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Roar Henriksen at work inside the workshop to repair the starboard elevator.