We have during the time that has passed since last status update of the homepage, got clogged the parts of the end walls of Heinkel hall which is dressed with timber cladding

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. The use of dehumidifier inside the concrete hall has meant that this cladding has dried out and opened to allow moisture to migrate through all the gaps which are encountered in planking. The consequence of this has been that the weather conditions on the outside of hall in a substantial influence to the humidity inside the hall. We can Now measure that it is both a clearly more stable and significantly lower relative humidity inside the warehouse.

It is now summer and vacation time and this will affect the activity around the Heinkel He 115 project a while forwards.

It has also been worked on both with the plane's instruments and to make copies of brackets and mounts for rudder pedals. These latter should be used as plugs in støypeformer.

The main priority for the Heinkel He 115 the project is to preserve the aircraft so intact and untouched as possible. Yet there is a fact that the aircraft has remained at the bottom of a inlet in 70 year. Salt therefore drawn between aircraft many joints

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. Our challenge is therefore still finding a method that best safeguards the desire to make small engagement in the plane while ensuring that aircraft do not over time destroy. We looking therefore still active over a wide registry to find this. In one end of this registry finds a possibility of conducting a electrochemical desalination, while at the other end finds a possibility of completely or partially to dismantle the aircraft parts

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. The aircraft's center section is a complex construction with many very tight joint. It would therefore be difficult to remove salt from these joints. As part of the studies round choice of method we have recently spent some time on mapping how the center section is actually built. This is to provide an overview of how a whole or piecemeal removal thereof can carried.   

Efforts Heinkel He 115 project since January 2018 been hampered of the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. It now appears that this process has come so far that they imposed restrictions on work on aircraft soon can be raised.


Efforts Heinkel He 115 the project has now started up again after a long summer

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. Still working with Heinkel He 115 project hampered by us since January been ruled by the Armed Forces Museum is in a process where they will consider future ownership of equipment that is lent on landfill agreements. We therefore still some temporary some restrictions on the work of Heinkel He 115 project.

We will now proceed to clarify the parts to be used in the new Heinkel 115 exhibit of that work is underway. This exhibition will be in a separate room next to the place in the hangar where both cockpit section, abdomen, and the motor is placed.

It will also throughout the winter to be the work of creating and installing the piping for hot air in the cockpit section.

Jiong in efforts to clarify lavettplate port-MG 17.

Lavett port-MG 17 in the process of being prepared for use in the new He 115 exhibition.


There is still a little new to talk about his Heinkel He 115 project. This is because we are still working to flush clean joints in the center section with hot water. This is a painstaking work that does not show any appreciable again for other than those directly involved in the job

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. The center section has been node that has carried a significant amount of the aircraft weight. Therefore, a part of the joints here very compact and compound. Obviously, this is a challenge for us in our efforts to flush out as much of the residual salts as possible, from these joints. So far, the experience of the work good, although it. as mentioned, in the center section, are some places we can not get to a proper flushing. That work is not a pleasure, may well most easily kept quiet up, but we do see the light that this will we be able to implement.

Roar Henriksen started with flush joints in the bomb bay

Roar Henriksen started with flush joints in the bomb bay

It is now also the time when we get delivered dehumidifier that we have in order.

Ernst Knutsen made a breakthrough in the effort to seek out original technical Heinkel He 115 drawings. Creative leting of the Swedish National Archive war archives, has produced 104 engineering drawings and parts manual on 118 pages. Our friends in Sweden have already copied the material for us, and converted this to pdf format. If you open the attached link you can see an example of such a drawing. He 115 drawing

Our good friend Georg Krautz Johnsen has done a brilliant work of rebuilding the pilot's seat with associated equipment. The result is very good and includes a lot of original parts and some that Georg have reconstructed.

Georg posing next to a nearly finished seat with accessories.

Georg posing next to a nearly finished seat with accessories.

img_7014 img_7015 img_7018 img_7019 img_7020 img_7033 img_7034

img_7151 img_7152


We are currently working to dismantle the last small parts of the center section

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. This is yet again a number of smaller brackets, hoses and bolts that we want to remove, While it is still possible to get turned them loose

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. Because of the difficult access to many of the nuts, this is both a difficult and time consuming work. For the wings part is it takes out now fully dismantled and finished cataloged. As we soon also have finished the dismantling to be from the center section, we will be at a significant milestone; all that should be removed from the plane is then out, and we will also simultaneously be finished with the extensive work that has been and continuously to catalog all that has been disassembled.

We also worked on getting the team to a system that allows that we can now save all the major parts that have been disassembled hanging along the walls, or down from the ceiling. All this to make the hall ready for the job that awaits, when we should wash out the salt from the countless joints in wings and center section.

We now that George has started to work with us, been a very gratifying and well-qualified contribution to the gang working with plane.

We now have stored all major parts hanging up from the floor

We now have stored all major parts hanging up from the floor


Then there are Easter and some time off from the weekly work of Heinkel He 115. We have since year until Easter chosen to take parts from the plane with into the workshop. This is to be able to work with those in hot environments. But now that Easter will soon be over and spring is on its way, we will continue working out in the Heinkel hall to conserve wings and center section. Most of the parts in these sections are now dismantled and taken out, and the next step of the way will be to wash out the salt from all the joints.

Sola Vision AS is now finished the work to tight Heinkel hall, so that we can now fit air drying unit for lowering the relative humidity inside the hall.

Sola Vision AS in efforts to seal Heinkel hall

Sola Vision AS in efforts to seal Heinkel hall

We have over time been questioning how we in the short and long term should treat dinghy, which was part of the rescue equipment on board the aircraft. This lay while immersed in fresh water, before it was taken out of the water and then stored in a cool dark storeroom. The challenge of figuring out what should be done with the boat is much related to being able to identify which rubber material it is made of, and then to find an appropriate way to preserve this material on. To help us with this, we have now been using stale Eliassen who have a solid expertise in rubber materials. According to Brett, there are about. 70.000 thermoplastic qualities today. About as many existed in the last century

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. Accordingly, Brett solid work to do to be able to identify the correct rubber material. Fortunately, it is in the boat even an intact label where data about the manufacturer and serial number appears.

Stale liassen consider dinghy

Stale liassen consider dinghy

Here you can read rubber boat manufacturer and serial number

Here you can read rubber boat manufacturer and serial number

Turtallshendlene sample mounted after they are fully cleaned and conserved

Turtallshendlene sample mounted after they are fully cleaned and conserved

Compressed air Bottle and ammunition crate that was recently dismantled and taken out of the center section

Compressed air Bottle and ammunition crate that was recently dismantled and taken out of the center section


We have chosen to continue to work further in the workshop where we are seeing good progress both in work trottlekassen and starboard elevator. The outer part of the rudder is now largely ready to be installed along with the rest of the rudder, when it is ready for this. The inner part of the elevator is now brought into the workshop and work to repair this is underway.

If any of us think that it makes good to be able to use the coldest winter months inside the workshop, are others clearly of a different opinion

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. Ernst Knutsen has braved the cold and has dismantled the last of MG 17 mount with ammo crate from the center section. The access to be able to dismantle this equipment is as tight as it has been cold outside in Heinkel Hallen.

Sola Vision AS also braved the cold and has begun efforts to seal built for us

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. This is so that use dehumidifier for lowering the humidity to a level that will clearly restrict a further corrosion in the parts stored where.

MG 17 lavett
MG 17 lavett
The inner part of the starboard elevator is taken into the workshop

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. The lack of outer part can be seen present during the major part of the tube

MG 17 lavett
MG 17 lavett


In summer we have been visited by a professor in materials technology, Thorfinn Harbor. We challenged him on whether he could suggest one for us a realistic way to clean the plane on. Our premise of the question was that method way could be implemented within resource very narrow confines, and that we wanted to keep most of the aircraft's originality. Thorfinn Airport's response to the challenge was based on two facts; that between the joints, which has remained almost 70 years in seawater, it will have penetrated the salt, and that there must be an active driver to remove this again. As a practical solution, he suggested that we should try to flush the salt out of the joints in using hot freshwater.

In purely practical terms, this means that we must get to supply fresh water directly into the joints, m.a.o. will require an accuracy almost a dentist has. To this will require flushing nozzles with very small aperture ( 0,4mm ), which fortunately commodity. Many of the joint has a design that enables this, while there is often a 0,2- 0,4 mm opening therebetween. Some joints will necessarily pose a greater challenge.

We are currently investigating the practical aspects of such washing, and the method is currently at the study stage.

Simultaneously with this, we are working on with other things. Attached are a few pictures of things that are in the recent past has been dismantled / retrieved from the water bath cleaned

Detail of the starboard aileron crank
Detail of the starboard aileron crank

We often provide the parts in a system of unique numbers. Here, a push rod belonging to one aileron crank
We often provide the parts in a system of unique numbers. Here, a push rod belonging to one aileron crank
Lens with light shield mxm 

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. The equipment belonged to a handheld camera.” width=”800″ height=”556″ />

Lens with light shield mxm. The equipment belonged to a handheld camera.
A block with various small parts Ernst cleaned and preserved ila. summer.
A block with various small parts Ernst cleaned and preserved ila. summer.