It was today taken out a box that contained several dimmer switches

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. This was located a little way up on the port side, between the ribs 3- 4. The box is in poor condition and will disintegrate.

Automatic light adjustment

Automatic light adjustment

An exterior hatch is located on the port side, between ribs III- IV, just below the rear plexiglass pane, was dismantled.

An instrument with a chain drive, with associated covers, and that may have worked as a position indicator for an equipment, was dismantled from below on the starboard side by spun IV.

It was also taken various smaller parts:

  • A plate has been left behind a switch that was located in the midst of the starboard between ribs III- IV, was dismantled.

  • Like other days, it has also today appeared some loose small parts with unknown function and location

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    . These are valued and recorded with the information we have available.


Today we have dismantled starboard support for the pilot's seat which was placed between the ribs 4- 5.

Support for the pilot's seat

Meanwhile, a hydraulic cylinder up between the ribs 4- 5, dismantled

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. This was used to adjust the seat height of the pilot's seat.

Hydraulic cylinder for adjusting the pilot's seat height

Hydraulic cylinder for adjusting the pilot's seat height

A hinged window was also removed from the starboard side, the bottom between the ribs in- II


A plywood armrest for navigator was dismantled from the area behind the rib, on the port side

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. This was in use when the navigator was lying on his mattress brand promotion in the nose.

A plexiglass window at the bottom of the starboard, promotion at frame I, was unscrewed.

Some of the equipment which is located on the starboard side between the ribs 1- 4.
Some of the equipment which is located on the starboard side between the ribs 1- 4.

Attachment for bombsight promoting the bottom between the ribs in- II was unscrewed.

A bracket with 2 pressure switches were removed from the area between the frames I- II, on the starboard side.

Two three bricks, on the port side of the hatch down to the bomb shelter from the cockpit, was dismantled.

Two slots in the floor below the pilot's legs were removed

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. They are built in a timber, and is provided with a release handle

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. Upon activation of the handle before the hatches is still open.

A part of the auxiliary controller was removed from the area directly behind the ribs 1, on the starboard side.

Diverse switches on the port side just behind the pilot's instrumentpane
Various switches and fuses on the port side just behind the pilot's instrument panel

A plexiglass window, with hinges, was dismantled from below on the starboard side, between frames In- II.

It was also picked out some small parts of the plane:

  • A fire extinguisher, which was located at the bottom right Pilot legs, was taken out.

  • a hot air pipes, which was routed back along the port side of the cutting edge of the cockpit, was taken out.

2014.04.30 Photo documentation, referansepunkter, filing and storage.

This was the day for photo documentation of what lay where inside the nose and cockpit section. It is important that we have secured a solid photographic material of how things have looked, before dismantling begins. We're shooting areas from spinning to spinning, from bottom to top, and gladly back down, to ensure that every detail is depicted. To ensure the identification of where pictures are taken, used Heinkel factory's own numbering system for the various frames. In this system, called frames, from the front of the nose section and rear bulkhead against cockpit, with the Roman numerals I to V. From the front bulkhead, cockpit section and the rear bulkhead against the center section, used the Arabic numerals 1 to 6.

The bombardier's hydraulic opening and closing valve for bomb hatches. The valve is located on the starboard side when spun II.

The bombardier's hydraulic opening and closing valve for bomb hatches

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. The valve is located on the starboard side when spun II.

All items before disassembly in addition be thoroughly photographed so that one can later get back to where they have been placed, and how they were mounted. Position is referred to which side and which(t) spinning equipment has been installed on. The parts are marked with the unique tag numbers, to be detected in a paper form.

The control is positioned on the starboard side , between ribs IV- V, and was used to eject the torpedo

They are then again thoroughly photographed to document both state, and how part is built. The images are then recorded in the same paper form, and since stored with traceability to the tag, spun and date for dismantling. The whole thing is then recorded in an Excel form to secure an overall traceability at.

The starboard side between the ribs 5- 6. As her bl.a. rear part of the mechanism for starting nødutpumping fuel, lower part of the seat support and review Hot air from exhaust manifold.

The starboard side between the ribs 5- 6. As her bl.a. rear part of the mechanism for starting nødutpumping fuel, lower part of the seat support and review Hot air from exhaust manifold.

Parts that are taken out are stored in a smaller water tanks in anticipation of a thorough assessment and conservation. Some parts are put thoroughly with Lanolin and stored dry.

2014.04.25 Lifting the nose and cockpit section of the water tank

We received today the help of Nordic Crane to lift cockpit- and the nose section on the basis of concrete tub. Torkel had made Prepare a jig, and the rear rib was bolted against

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. Giggen fitted with rubber wheels, and is easy to move around with the cockpit section Oppi. The sections were gently washed out with scrub peas and TIDE water.

Nose and cockpit section lifted into place in gig.
Nose and cockpit section lifted into place in gig.

Navigator sleeping pad is made of a sheet of plywood, and were prioritized for dismantling. It is important that it can not dry out before it is finished conserved. The runway which has made it possible to push the substrate back and forth, is a complex device having many screws and bearings, as it takes much time to get screwed out.

spun In- III . Here you see a starboard rail of the navigator / bomb term's removable sleeping pad.
spun In- III . Here you see a starboard rail of the navigator / bomb term's removable sleeping pad.

Port support for the pilot's seat was unclamped and removed.

A bracket that 3 of bomb term's instruments were unscrewed

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. This was placed down to port, between ribs II- III.

The navigator also had a pat- seat fitted to the starboard side, between spun IV- and V, which was dismantled.

Signal cartridges were stored for three cartridges that were placed over the hatches, between spun IV- V. This is so that these individual should be dumped in the case of a fire on board. Also, since these were made of an organic material, it was important to get them away and into a new water bath before they began to dry out.

Box with wood grain for storage of signal cartridges. Checkout was placed over a gap that made it easy to dump the whole cartridge in case there was a fire on board.
Box with wood grain for storage of signal cartridges

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. Checkout was placed over a gap that made it easy to dump the whole cartridge in case there was a fire on board.

There were a lot of small parts and loose vent line and spread around on and under the deck. These were taken out and registered. Outside the entire section inserted with Lanolin to prevent paint and markings will dry out.

External feeler for temperature measurement on the port side, between ribs 2- 3, were loosened.

Conservation of kroppsrør and stumped

Late autumn 2013 becomes the tail section lifted out of the water vessel and taken into the workshop for conservation. Jærmuseet have set conservator Eirik Aarebrot available for this big job. He is accompanied by Roar Henriksen from Venneforeningen. They work in time until after the turn with internal and external cleaning

Proposed by: PROF Emmanuele A. JANNINI amoxicillin dosage coronary artery disease diagnosis (29)..

. When the parts are inserted with Lanolin, and since inserted as part of the exhibit.

Hale section now stands in the exhibition
Hale section now stands in the exhibition

Eirik Aarebrot made after the work its own report which you can read by following this link: Report on the preservation of the tail section He 115

Construction of roof over the trough

We have a need for a large yard- and warehouse where we can preserve, and later save the major components such as center section and wing

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. Torkel Tan Jorgensen began therefore fall 2013 on the great work of building a roof over concrete tub.

An impressive volunteer work lies behind this succes

Through some of the Friendship Society many connections we got cheap access to much of the materials as needed

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. Torkel put the whole winter outside the hangar and adapted and welded large square tube. spring 2014 he had ready finished trusses to the large roof. 14. May the roof trusses lifted into place.

Torkel, well assisted by Anti, in efforts to secure the trusses 14. May 2014

Torkel continued working on the roof throughout the spring and summer and 2. July it was clear that he and Kjell Dahle could begin the work to lay in place plates and complete roof.


Lifting of the trusses 14. May 2014

Small parts and organic materials

Jærmuseet gave us permission to use conservator Eirik Aarebrot, the Archaeological Museum in Stavanger

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. He took in the days after the plane was salvaged care of, and preserved a number of small parts that were extra vulnerable to a rapid degradation.

Foot to gummbåt

Foot to the liferaft

This was especially organic materials, as well as some instruments that were in an unusually good condition.

Instrument for measuring the drift

Instrument for measuring the drift

The parts are now finished conserved, and some of these are now part of the exhibition at the museum.

BMW 132 K engine

When the plane crashed was the one engine salvaged before the plane sank

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. The second engine we raised together with the rest of the plane 2012.

The engine the day after the plane had been raised

Torkel Tan Jorgensen began immediately to work to dismantle the engine to clean this for salt and corrosion products

• Surgical Therapysexual activity? If not, priority cardiovascular assessment viagra 50mg.

. This work continued throughout the fall and winter. The stay fjord has left its mark on the engine block and gearbox, but fortunately, many of the remaining parts in a good condition.


Propeller system is "very" good condition, and it is necessary to dismantle the hub and if possible to get the pitch control to work again.

We lack the special crank- and the gear housing where this model was equipped with. Further work with the engine is therefore dependent on a decision on how to tackle the problem of disparities between the parts we have at our disposal, and the objective of the original.