We have also in the past two weeks work to clean the wings and center section

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. The work is very extensive, and will have to continue for many years to come

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. It also worked simultaneously with making workbenches, and other equipment to better hang up and away the larger sections.


A new week has passed where we have continued to work to clean the wings and center section

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. This is an extensive, inconvenient, unexciting and time-consuming work, but that must be done so that we could dry store components. The working environment in the former water pool is both humid and cold.

Ernst Knutsen takes one of their few breaks in the effort to clean the wings
Ernst Knutsen takes one of their few breaks in the effort to clean the wings

Some exciting adventures offer still worked on

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. It keeps popping up new information in the form of brands, number and inscriptions. This helps to give us new information about the aircraft's history until the crash landing 28. December 1942.

Oversiktsbilde out over the former water pool
Oversiktsbilde out over the former water pool

To provide an easier access to clean tunnel in the center section, the suspension of bombs dismantled from the bomb shelter. Simultaneously two plywood hatches, who both worked as sheeting in tunnel, as well as rope down to the bomb shelter, dismantled

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. The inner section of the wing leading edge, on the starboard and port side of the center section, was also dismantled.

Inner section of the starboard wing leading edge.
Inner section of the starboard wing leading edge.


It has in the last two weeks almost daily been working to wash and flush center section, finger, tubes and other components, which until now has been stored in the water out there in the concrete basin. It also, been made a stairway down to the pool to facilitate the access to this

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. Although much has been done, remains even part flushing, before we can be finished with this little unpleasant work.

It is set in order racks for use down in the pool, and steel materials to make other necessary arrangements for being able to stack away the different components.

The company Blast- It is now ready to clean the cockpit section inside using dry ice blasting.

Starboard side of the cockpit for cleaning using dry ice blasting.

Starboard side of the cockpit for cleaning using dry ice blasting.