We have the weeks that have passed since the last update of the website been plagued with illness and minor injuries

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. Something positive things we can still pull forward and tell about.

The laborious task of repairing the damaged elevator has continued in this last period. The dehumidifier out in Heinkel hall has now been in operation for five weeks, and we see that the average relative humidity is now at 45%

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. It is still accumulated moisture left in the concrete walls and furnishings. This must be wiped out before we can expect the level drops further down. We also do not yet adjusted dehumidifier in order to get right down to the lowest level. Rather, we have given priority to achieve a circulation of the air volume in the hall.

Magnetic switches and switches for gain control as we posted pictures of the last update is now fully preserved and mounted. We have since last dismantled start switches, and is now working to get cleaned these best interior. These are in a reasonably good condition and the goal is to get all the moving parts in the diss to work again. The plan is that they will now be in a final citric acid solution up in the ultrasonic cleaner. Previously, they have been washed in a kaldavfetting, lying up in the ultrasonic cleaner, and that they have been an electrolysis bath.

We have now found forward skateboard as navigator could lie on when this should either use the bomb sight, or operate MG 15 brand promotion in the nose. Finer levels and associated mechanisms are in a very good condition, but padding is unfortunately completely gone. Plywood board in the rear portion will now be dismantled to be in polyethylene glycol. From before, is the leading plywood board laid down the same liquid. The purpose of this is to prevent the pores of the veneer materials in the longer term should not collapse. The rest of the framework and roller mechanisms need cleaning, and all bearings need some rounds in various ultrasound before these hopefully again is functioning as intended.

Start switch before dismantling and a final round of cleaning. The goal is to get all the moving parts of these to work again.

Start switch before dismantling and a final round of cleaning. The goal is to get all the moving parts of these to work again.

The underside of the navigator skateboard / sleeping pad

The underside of the navigator's skateboard / mats before further dismantling


Navigator skateboard set right unite in from. The picture was taken right after the plane was raised in 2012

Navigator skateboard seen from port rear. The picture was taken right after the plane was raised in 2012.

In the rear of the skateboard can here see the lever that the navigator used when this was going to lock the board in one of the positions. The picture was taken right after the plane was raised in 2012.

Front starboard corner of the navigator's skateboard. The picture was taken right after the plane was raised in 2012.



We have during the last month spent a lot of time on things that are directly related to utørkingen of Heinkel Hallen. Air dryer is now booted, and we see it all now a solid reduction of the relative humidity in the hall. Since the hall is made of concrete and first used as a water reservoir, for so ago to also be used as a “carwash”, is the amount of moisture to be dried, something that will take a piece of time.

Since it is winter and cold and miserable outside in the hall, has an effort is also built in the workshop, with the broken elevator.

We have recently experimented with the use of electrolysis to clean different materials for residual salts and corrosion products. The method is time-consuming, but is very effective. Attached some images of a magnet switch for one engine, and a switch for gain control of one of the propellers. As the pictures show, these were in a shaky condition when they were taken out of the pilot's trottleboks. They were then first placed middle of an ocean bath consisting of Biltema kaldavfetting and driven for several hours in an ultrasonic wash with 60 degrees c. They were so they put down in a 10 % citric acid solution, and since scrubbed well under running hot water, before they were added to neutralize in a 1,5% alkaline Blue Gold soap solution. After the switches had been a while, they were recently opened up, and internal components given a thorough soap scrub under hot water

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. Although the portions thereafter as reasonably good, we decided to put them in an electrolysis bath, with an associated new round of a citric acid Following this. We are very pleased with the results of this electrolysis treatment. In particular, we can mention that the thin hinges down on the side of the boxes now possible to open and close, the thin chains look like new, and that “handles” top of the switches again be separated.

Magnet switches before they were taken out of trottlekassen.

Magnetic switch before we began cleaning

The switches for gain control before they were taken out of trottlekaasen.

Switch for pitch control before we started on cleaning


The switches in December 2016 after we had finished the first round of purification, and before they were opened and since placed in an electrolytic bath.

Switch gain control treatment in an electrolytic bath and a final purification of citric acid.

Switch gain control treatment in an electrolytic bath and a final purification of citric acid.

Switch gain control treatment in an electrolytic bath and a final purification of citric acid.

Magnetic switch after treatment in an electrolytic bath and a final purification of citric acid.

Magnetic switch after treatment in an electrolytic bath and a final purification of citric acid.

Magnetic switch after treatment in an electrolytic bath and a final purification of citric acid.

From work to repair the broken elevator.


I from England we have Nigel Cross received a great gift in the form of a dashboard, as his father, Cyril Cross, has salvaged during WWII

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. We are very thankfulness for the confidence that Nigel here shows us. Down below you can read the cover letter as Nigel sent us, as well as see some pictures of the instrument panel.

Cover letter from Nigel Cross

Cover letter from Nigel Cross

Note that it is used Dutch text on Panet

Note that it is used Dutch text on Panet

img_7168 img_7171 img_7174


So it's a new year, and we still have infinite amount of work to do with the plane and the events surrounding it

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. A tiny step in the right direction is that now our, former, often mentioned Munters ML 180 dehumidifier assembled and ready for start. We are obviously excited about what dewpoint dehumidifier fails to deliver, and possibly what we must do in addition to seal Heinkel hall for air leaks. Fortunately, we have several low-cost as we can take if it proves necessary.

Roar Henriksen leggger finishing touches on the installation work.

Roar Henriksen leggger finishing touches on the installation work.


So it is again in July and we who work with Heinkel He 115 project wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We have in the past worked to get mounted and ready for start-up by a newly acquired Munters ML 180 luftavfukter

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. After a long time waiting for the fabriken were getting ready to deliver us a new new dryer, appeared finally wonder up with us at the museum. For that we should be able to make run for regenerating, up and downstream dryer, it was necessary to drill holes through one of the heavily reinforced concrete walls. Now stand the dryer on its place in the new bin in the Heinkel hall, much of the assembly work is now done, and we are looking forward to soon being able to start it up for the first time.

The purchase of the dehumidifier is a result of one of the advice that we have received from Thorfinn Harbor, Prof Dr II. ing

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. Materials Science / corrosion and conservator Eirik Arebrot. The reason is the knowledge that the corrosion stops if the salt is isolated from being able to absorb moisture from the environment. This is a measure one get good a good effect of by reducing the moisture content in the environment of the smaller one 35- 40 % relative humidity.

Early November was totally unexpected this inquiry from England “Hello, My name is Nigel and I’m from the UK. I have got an instrument cluster from a He 115 if you would like it for your restoration. My father got this whist he was in the RAF based at a Air sea rescue and float plane yard. If you would like I could send you some photos” After a few rounds of questions and answers has now Nigel Cross packed and made ready for sending us this gorgeous “Christmas present”. Photos and more detailed information will follow once we have received the package in house.

Julius Miltenis started drilling holes in the concrete wall for us. Boren cuts through large amounts rebar almost as if it should be clean concrete.

Julius Miltenis started drilling holes in the concrete wall for us. Boren cuts through large amounts rebar almost as if it should be clean concrete.

Munters ML 180 dehumidifier while still standing in the workshop.

Munters ML 180 dehumidifier while still standing in the workshop.




Roar Henriksen made a series of experiments with the use of electrolysis to clean steel to corrosion and pollution. Attached are pictures of a file that was found loose in the plane

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. When we found the file, so it looks like a rust a big lump, that it was not possible to guess what contained. As the pictures show, the file is now again as new.

img_7142 img_7143


Roar Henriksen believes that he needs challenges when he is not on Musset and working with Heinkel He 115 project

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. He has therefore included the few parts that we found the pilot's stick in cockpit home in own garage, and started on the extensive work it is to reconstruct the steering column

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. As shown by the attached photos are the work now well underway.

Link to Heinkel original drawing of the steering column ( drawing comes from the Swedish national archive's war archives ); 8-115-401-01-by 1

img_7070 img_7071 img_7072 img_7074 img_7075 img_7077 img_7078 img_7081 img_7083 img_7085 img_7086


There is still a little new to talk about his Heinkel He 115 project. This is because we are still working to flush clean joints in the center section with hot water. This is a painstaking work that does not show any appreciable again for other than those directly involved in the job

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. The center section has been node that has carried a significant amount of the aircraft weight. Therefore, a part of the joints here very compact and compound. Obviously, this is a challenge for us in our efforts to flush out as much of the residual salts as possible, from these joints. So far, the experience of the work good, although it. as mentioned, in the center section, are some places we can not get to a proper flushing. That work is not a pleasure, may well most easily kept quiet up, but we do see the light that this will we be able to implement.

Roar Henriksen started with flush joints in the bomb bay

Roar Henriksen started with flush joints in the bomb bay

It is now also the time when we get delivered dehumidifier that we have in order.

Ernst Knutsen made a breakthrough in the effort to seek out original technical Heinkel He 115 drawings. Creative leting of the Swedish National Archive war archives, has produced 104 engineering drawings and parts manual on 118 pages. Our friends in Sweden have already copied the material for us, and converted this to pdf format. If you open the attached link you can see an example of such a drawing. He 115 drawing

Our good friend Georg Krautz Johnsen has done a brilliant work of rebuilding the pilot's seat with associated equipment. The result is very good and includes a lot of original parts and some that Georg have reconstructed.

Georg posing next to a nearly finished seat with accessories.

Georg posing next to a nearly finished seat with accessories.

img_7014 img_7015 img_7018 img_7019 img_7020 img_7033 img_7034

img_7151 img_7152


We are now well underway with efforts to flush hot water through the joints in the center section

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. Experience so far is positive, although we obviously also constantly face challenges in getting to some of the joints

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When efforts to flush the salt out of the joints is finished, we will lower the humidity in the warehouse down to 40% relative humidity

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. To dry the air in the hall we have now ordered a Munther ML 180 from the firm ATEAM Inneklima Service AS. For further information about the dehumidifier can open the link: http://ateam.no/munters-ml/

The dehumidifier is expected to be delivered ila. 8 weeks, and will be ready to wipe out the hall, when winter for a period makes it difficult to work there.



We have been advised by Thorfinn Harbor, prof. II Dr. ing. Materials Science / corrosion, to clean aircraft salt sitting in the aircraft's many joints. His suggestion is to use hot water with pressure behind to drive out the salt. Such a solution is an option to dismount the aircraft to remove this salt.

We are now getting started with efforts to flush through the joints to get cleaned these for salt.

The solution we use to flush hot water between joints, is simple and probably effective. Pressure support and water heater we use a pressure washer Foma, with dieselvarmer. As nozzle used a ¼ "instrument with 1,2 mm I.D.. The pipe minimal outside diameter makes it easy to get fully into the joints. The solution seems promising, hot water flushed into, and through narrow passages. There will obviously be many challenges that will emerge along the way, and that we must try to find a solution when they appear

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. Not least this will be a prolonged work under marginal working conditions.

We have as a bearing line that the aircraft's originality should be emphasized highly in the work we perform It was therefore interesting to see if our solution with pressurized hot water would damage the paintwork. The experience from tests showed that paint, that is not already completely loose or significantly damaged, not being damaged by being flushed in with hot water and the dyseløsningen we used.

Using ¼ "high pressure instrument makes it easy to customize many different tube pieces. In this way, we can get the access to the many different varieties of joints that need to be flushed.

A thin nozzle be directed towards the openings at the joints

A thin nozzle be directed towards the openings at the joints

The use of thin high-pressure pipes makes us easily can customize the lances as how we have access to the joints.

The use of thin high-pressure pipes makes us easily can customize the lances as how we have access to the joints.

We have previously tested method by flushing the narrow joints.

We have previously tested method by flushing the narrow joints.

Foma pressure washer with water heater

Foma pressure washer with water heater